Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My shopping list for 2013

There are lots of products that I want to try this year and thought I would share them with you.
Number one must buy for this year is...,
1/ Xen-tan moroccan tan with Argan oil. I have numerous bottles and tubes of fake tan but always go back to xen tan, they have brought out a new tan with Argan oil in it. £24.99 from there website.
2/ Khroma make up. This is from the Kardashian sisters and is available spring time. I have seen some products on line, they look fab and have had good reviews. The products I want to try especially is their kardazzel eyeshadow palettes RRP £13.95
3/ NEOM scented candles. I love candles and have always wanted to try these. They do different relaxing and up lifting scents and have a long burning time, perfect for relaxing in the bath or warming up these cold dark nights. £39.50 for full size and £15 for the travel size
4/ Lady gaga's fame black fluid perfume. I had a sample of this at Christmas and fell in love with it. It's not a smell I would normally go for as its quite sweet at first but gets deeper and it wears really well £25 30ml.
5/ Monocle scent one perfume. Its a french brand and i found out about it from a client in my salon. She was wearing this and it smelt gorgeous. It was fresh and spicy ( all the scents I love) I'm asking this for birthday as quite expensive! £65.00 for 50ml
Well these are my must buys for 2013, what are yours?


Thursday, 24 January 2013

HD brows

I recently had HD brows at a local salon and thought I would share the process with you. It's a seven step system which involves tinting, waxing, threading, plucking, trimming, mineral Make up and defining using the HD brow Palette or pencil.
As you can see from the before and after photos my eyebrows weren't too bad but the therapist outlined the shape i should have before starting the treatment.
I use the palette anyway but if you have never done much with your eyebrows or want a new shape I think this is a fab treatment to have. If you have over plucked your brows in the past they can advice you on how to grow them and you can purchase the HD brow "grow baby grow" that helps your brows grow quicker to achieve the desired look.
I am really please with the result and will definitely keep having them done.
What are your thoughts on HD brow's? Thank you for reading and please leave a comment below :) xx

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Caring for Hair Extensions

Years ago if you wanted long luscious locks you had to wait for your hair to grow, but not now!! Hair extensions have come a long way in the last couple of years. Weather it's clip in, clued, weft or micro loop there are a couple of things you should know if you want them looking in tip top condition.
1/ Try and get the best quality you can afford, extensions have a grading system which ranges from C-AAA. C being the poorest and AAA being the best. The higher the grade the longer the will last without matting and knotting.
2/ Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner designed for extensions
3/ Apply protein spray ( hair extension leave in conditioner) every time you wash your hair
4/ Apply a Leave in oil every time you wash it ( Moroccan oil, Berber oil)
The reason why you have to put so much on them is because they are no longer getting natural oils from the scalp so you really have to nourish them well. Having extensions is not easy, you have to look after them more then your own hair!
5/Use an extension brush or tangle Teezer to comb your hair
6/Try and wash them in Luke warm water, never hot and always in a shower and not submerged in a bath ( this will just cause tangling) also try and only wash them no more than twice a week to reduce the stress on them i.e. from drying and styling.
7/Get them trimmed regularly, you get your own hair cut so why shouldn't you this for your hair extensions?!
8/Lastly when sleeping always tie your hair in a loose pony tail or plait and never EVER sleep with you hair down and wet!!
If you do as advised i promise your hair with last longer and look in fab condition!
I hope this has helped anyone with extensions, if you have any questions please leave them in the comment box and I will get back to you ;)
Photos taken from Buyhair.co.uk and hairtrade.com stockists of hair extensions and aftercare products

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Wyboston lakes, Yspa

The spa itself is out of this world, it combines relaxation with modern technology. The spa has everything that you would expect to find, from a hydrotherapy pool and saunas, to ice and stream rooms. They have also included heated water beds, relaxation pods, and chill out lounges.
The outside heated hydrotherapy pool has jacuzzi's and jets that are operated by a push if a button and a lovely seating area.
Two Steam rooms one being salty and the other normal. There are also hot and cold showers dotted around, all colour coded with LEDs lights to indicate the temperature (some of which include menthol vapour-great for colds.)
Two saunas, a " softy" ( 45 degrees) and " some like it hot"( 85 degrees),made out of 400 year old wood from Scandinavia.
Treatment rooms are beautifully decorated with fresh oxygen and calming music piped through the ceiling.
The treatments that I had we're a Murad facial, HD brows and a Elemis deep tissue massage. They we're all done by a friendly and professional therapist which made you feel comfortable and relaxed.
The whole experience was very relaxing, I would definitely recommend It! Check there website for fantastic offers - www.yspa.co.uk

Friday, 18 January 2013

Things I love and can't live without!!

We all have products that we keep going back to, that one product and seems to work for you. Here are a few that I'm loving at the moment.
Firstly The Tangle Teezer, I really don't know how I managed before they came on the market, I love it!! In fact I have 3 all dotted around the house!! It brushes though the hair with ease and doesn't cause breakage. I must Have item for everyone! £9 from all good salons and Boots. Staying on the hair theme I can't live without a hair oil ( because of having hair extensions which really dry out) I use Osmo's Berber oil, it smells gorgeous and always makes my hair more manageable and feeling lovely. £11 for 100ml
Next up Xen Tan Dark deluxe £39.99 from their website. Xen tan are one of the market leaders in tanning and having tried nearly every make there is out i always rely on this one. It gives a lovely olive colour ( no looking like a wotsit!!). This one comes in a cream which I find isn't as drying on my skin, which i sometimes find with mouse and sprays.( there's nothing worse than the crocodile look!) They have brought a new one out which has Moroccan oil in it and as soon as I've squeezed the last bit out of this one I will be giving it a go!
My make up stable is Make Up forever foundation(£29.95 and finishing powder(£12.50 for 5g). This brand has been used by make up artists and celebrities. It gives you that fab photo finish and lasts all day. Love it!!! Next is my HD brow palette(£19.95),this is so easy to use , really defines your brows and doesn't smudge. I find it stays on all day. It gives your brows a really polished look which I love!
Ok so I've applied all this make up and now it's time to take it off. If your anything like me this is the part I hate. At the end of the day I just wanna go to bed and i want something quicks an easy. Well this is it! The DCH cleansing oil simply melts away all make up and mascara so easily, it a wonderful product and I recommend it to anyone! £4.50 for 30ml which lasts ages!
Lastly I love all bath and shower gels. There is nothing better than relaxing in the bath and coming out smelling gorgeous which is why I love all Molton Brown products but,I especially love the re- charge black pepper. It's a really fresh,spicy and woody smell and It just leaves your skin smelling lovely.£18 from Molton Brown website.
Whats your must have items?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Cloud Nine The O Pod

As hairdresser I thought today I would share some of the secrets of creating big bouncy hair!!
I'll be using cloud nines O Pod with retails at £132.95 ( this excludes the rollers, £179.99 with rollers) http://www.cloudninehair.com/the-o/?gclid=CNPK-NqS77QCFUbKtAodPjsAOQ
This is the magic tool in getting lovely bouncy hair in a flash. It is a new take on the heated rollers, ( you know the ones, that would burn your hands when you took them out!) The rollers that come with the O are Velcro which means they are a lot easier to put and fix in the hair.
So how do you use it? Very easily, you place the roller in the pod, wait a couple if seconds and then take it out. The roller comes out cold and starts to warm up quickly. Place in your hair ( secure with a clip if needed) and then wait! There's a red dot on the roller that turns black when they are ready to be taken out. That's it very simple and you can create a variety of different looks depending on the size roller you use.
Pictures below are of my lovely work college Chelsey ( which i must add has very soft fine hair!!)before, during and after.
Has anyone tried this at home or in the salon? Let me know what you thought? :)

Benefit fine one one

So there is lots if buzz about this next product, Benefits 3 in 1 blusher, highlighter and lip stick. It is due to be release in Debenham's in February ( so not that long to wait!) for £23.50.
I'm excited about this product because ( don't ask me how) but I can never get my blusher right and with this you place it on the apple of your cheeks ( lighter side at the top) and simply dram upwards towards your temples, and hay presto lovely defined cheek bones with highlighted cheek bone!!!!
Who esle is looking forward to the launch?

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

January glossy box!!

I was really looking forward to receiving my glossy box this month, as I haven't had one for a couple of months ( decided to try another company).
I was pleasantly surprised when the postman knocked on my door this morning with my box as I only had the dispatch email last night, it was like Christmas all over again!!
And sadly that's when the excitement ended, I opened the box ( which felt very light) and the sparkle vanished from my eyes in a flash! To say I was disappointed is an under statement. I really thought that glossy box would make a big effort with their January box, but sadly not!
Anyway let me tell you what I got!
Ready for it..??????
Mono micro exfoliant 30ml
Eco-boutique body lotion 30ml
BM beauty finishing powder 1g
Murad moisture for eyes 3.5ml
These next two things I am classing as a extra free gift (oh aren't I lucky!!)
Sanctuary spa 30 day thermal transformation 3.5 ml sachet and 7ml sachet. This I class as a freebie because it WAS a freebie. On the back it stated "not for sale"
Oh must not forget the extra treat that glossy box put in, a glossy box eye mask, possibly the best part of the box as it is rather cute ( not that I'd probably use it but never mind!)
I would work out how much the box was but really I can't be bothered, I know it's under £10 and I think if I do I will be even more disappointed, I think glossy box really really need to up their game. With other companies seeming to get it right I wonder why glossy just can't. Their such a big name in beauty boxes all over the world so I would have thought that they of all people should know how to please their customers. They either have a poor buying department or they just don't care.
I would love to know if anyone got a good box, please let me know ( only so I can cry into mine!!lol)