Thursday, 17 January 2013

Cloud Nine The O Pod

As hairdresser I thought today I would share some of the secrets of creating big bouncy hair!!
I'll be using cloud nines O Pod with retails at £132.95 ( this excludes the rollers, £179.99 with rollers)
This is the magic tool in getting lovely bouncy hair in a flash. It is a new take on the heated rollers, ( you know the ones, that would burn your hands when you took them out!) The rollers that come with the O are Velcro which means they are a lot easier to put and fix in the hair.
So how do you use it? Very easily, you place the roller in the pod, wait a couple if seconds and then take it out. The roller comes out cold and starts to warm up quickly. Place in your hair ( secure with a clip if needed) and then wait! There's a red dot on the roller that turns black when they are ready to be taken out. That's it very simple and you can create a variety of different looks depending on the size roller you use.
Pictures below are of my lovely work college Chelsey ( which i must add has very soft fine hair!!)before, during and after.
Has anyone tried this at home or in the salon? Let me know what you thought? :)

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  1. her hair looks lovely with the curl in. Last time I used rollers it was the heated ones that used to get tangled in my hair and yes burn my fingers when i got them out lol
    Angela x


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