Tuesday, 15 January 2013

January glossy box!!

I was really looking forward to receiving my glossy box this month, as I haven't had one for a couple of months ( decided to try another company).
I was pleasantly surprised when the postman knocked on my door this morning with my box as I only had the dispatch email last night, it was like Christmas all over again!!
And sadly that's when the excitement ended, I opened the box ( which felt very light) and the sparkle vanished from my eyes in a flash! To say I was disappointed is an under statement. I really thought that glossy box would make a big effort with their January box, but sadly not!
Anyway let me tell you what I got!
Ready for it..??????
Mono micro exfoliant 30ml
Eco-boutique body lotion 30ml
BM beauty finishing powder 1g
Murad moisture for eyes 3.5ml
These next two things I am classing as a extra free gift (oh aren't I lucky!!)
Sanctuary spa 30 day thermal transformation 3.5 ml sachet and 7ml sachet. This I class as a freebie because it WAS a freebie. On the back it stated "not for sale"
Oh must not forget the extra treat that glossy box put in, a glossy box eye mask, possibly the best part of the box as it is rather cute ( not that I'd probably use it but never mind!)
I would work out how much the box was but really I can't be bothered, I know it's under £10 and I think if I do I will be even more disappointed, I think glossy box really really need to up their game. With other companies seeming to get it right I wonder why glossy just can't. Their such a big name in beauty boxes all over the world so I would have thought that they of all people should know how to please their customers. They either have a poor buying department or they just don't care.
I would love to know if anyone got a good box, please let me know ( only so I can cry into mine!!lol)


  1. Hi Louise

    I got almost the same box as you but with a 2ml lacoste perfume vial instead of the body lotion, so slightly worse than yours again.

    The eye cream is about £11 worth and the monu exfoliant about £5, so not as bad as you think but still absolute carp imo.

    This will be my last box off them for a while. Be interesting to see what the other product variants are.

    1. I know, I've seen one by a blogger, she got a good box and I think that's why I'm soooo disappointed. I was really looking forward to a nice box from glossy and I feel a bit cheated really. :(

  2. I've only seen one blog and wasn't that impressed with the products in there either but they were slightly better than ours - conditioner, lip balm, exfoliant, face mask and body lotion. I always think its a cheek when they put not for resale items in the box as one of your samples, (or 2 as in my case)

    I think I'll be sticking to LIB boxes fro now on as GB just isn't doing it for me any more. Got hopes for Birchbox though.

    1. Lux box has been really good the last couple of months, I'm signed up to them aswell. I've seen some spoilers for birch box and it looks an ok box.

  3. Here is my box! not much better than yours :(


    Honestly, I was so disappointed with the contents of my box, a lot of people try to stick up for Glossy saying that its sample, hit and miss etc but I feel like, I always receive a 'miss' box.


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