Sunday, 20 January 2013

Wyboston lakes, Yspa

The spa itself is out of this world, it combines relaxation with modern technology. The spa has everything that you would expect to find, from a hydrotherapy pool and saunas, to ice and stream rooms. They have also included heated water beds, relaxation pods, and chill out lounges.
The outside heated hydrotherapy pool has jacuzzi's and jets that are operated by a push if a button and a lovely seating area.
Two Steam rooms one being salty and the other normal. There are also hot and cold showers dotted around, all colour coded with LEDs lights to indicate the temperature (some of which include menthol vapour-great for colds.)
Two saunas, a " softy" ( 45 degrees) and " some like it hot"( 85 degrees),made out of 400 year old wood from Scandinavia.
Treatment rooms are beautifully decorated with fresh oxygen and calming music piped through the ceiling.
The treatments that I had we're a Murad facial, HD brows and a Elemis deep tissue massage. They we're all done by a friendly and professional therapist which made you feel comfortable and relaxed.
The whole experience was very relaxing, I would definitely recommend It! Check there website for fantastic offers -


  1. OMG that looks amazing!I used ot love spa treatments, to broke now sadly lol but with the snow the hot tub must have been fabulous x


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