Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Februarys Luxbox

So it's that time of the month again when the postie brings me a little treat. Today he brought me Februarys edition of Luxbox.
If you don't know what Luxbox is, it's a monthly subscription service where you receive 4-5 products to try out. The products range from skin care, hair care and make up. It costs £10 plus £2.95 P&P a month.  http://www.luxbox.co.uk/

So onto the box...
This months box has a slight make up theme which I love!! Some people prefer skincare products ( which is fine) I just prefer make up because you can see the results instantly ( I'm just impatient ) It also benefits from 4 full sized products!! Yes 4!!

* Colour Me Beautiful lip pencil in crimson. This is a full size product and is priced at £7.50.

I haven't tried anything from this brand before, so im excited to use it. The colour is a gorgeous red, with a raspberry tone to it. I think it is a very wearable colour that can be used to brighten up any lipstick. The pencil is not dry and doesn't drag when applying.

*Inika Colour for cheeks and lips in Rosehip. Another full size priced at £22.00

The cream glides on lovely as a lipstick and is slightly moisturising ( not too much that it will slide off your cheeks). It's a vibrant and well pigmented colour with an orangey undertone.

When using it on your cheeks you only need a small amount as it is very concentrated. Saying this it blends in easily with the help from the Jojoba oil and vitamin E that it is infused with.

*Murad pomegranate Exfoliating Mask. 6 Sachets for £25.00

I received one sachet of this zingy antioxidant face mask. I love getting face masks. I use fake tan alot and like to deep clean my skin regularly to remove any traces of the old tan before re-applying. This is meant to  exfoliate away any trapped impurities and dead skin cells for a flawless and smooth complexion I have other products from the Murad range, and look forward to giving this one a go.

*Vinatge Cosmetic Company Retractable lip brush £7.00

This brush is made from natural bristles and has a handy case to keep it in.

 I must say i don't actually own a lip brush ( I'm more of a lipgloss kinda girl) but this will be perfect for me when using pots of lip balms and butters. I hate getting the product stuck under my nails , You girls will understand! Lol

*Balm Balm - Single Note EDP in Ylang Ylang £ 15.00

Again a product from the Balm Balm range, we had a lip balm last month. This is a 12ml size which is perfect for putting in your handbag. As with all balm balm products they only use natural ingredients and I've never seen or smelt a natural perfume before. The scent is very floral and powdery to me and is not one I normal go for. You can definitely tell they use all natural oils as it has a very fresh and almost herby Aroma to it.

So there you go, this months box. I am really pleased with it as I'll use all the products in it ( apart from the perfume which I will give to my mum for Mother's Day).

What did you think to the box? Yay or Nay? 
~  Lou ~

Monday, 25 February 2013

The Winner is........

Thank you to all that entered the giveaway! As you  know the competition was for Januarys Luxbox and extra gifts from me! The winner will receive all that is pictured below.

Drum roll please........
To make it fair I put all your twitter names into a hat and got my little boy to pick the winner!
It took me about 5 minutes to get it off him!!

Congratulations to @clairestephen3 from http://pennyforthem1.blogspot.co.uk

If you failed to win this time please don't be disheartened, during the giveaway I reached 50 follows!!!! This is fanatic and I thank each and everyone of you. To celebrate I will be launching a new competition very soon!
Watch this space!!......

Thank you all for taking part!
Lou xx

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Móa Green Balm

I have found the holy grail!

For months now our Little boy has had large red rashes on the backs of his legs. These started off as a small red round patches and have been getting bigger and spreading down his leg. After numerous doctor visits and various creams nothing was working and the rash was just getting bigger! With this I decided to ask people via Facebook and Twitter if there was anything that they could recommend, one name kept cropping up. Móa Green Balm, the natural healing balm. I decided to try out the travel size 15ml for £4.99, I thought "it's worth a try ".
I received this on Thursday ( today being Sunday) and started using it that night expecting not to notice anything for a week or two. Oh My God how wrong was I??!? By Saturday the rash on one leg had completely disappeared and the rash on the other leg has reduced in size and redness, to the point that I expect it to be all gone by Monday/Tuesday. I sooo wish I had taken photos of before and after but I really didn't expect the results to happen so quickly! I am gob smacked at how great this product is and that fact it is all natural makes it even better!

So if you have never heard of it here are the facts-

It's 100% completely natural containing, tea tree and Yarrow, a herb that is renowned for its nourishing as healing properties. Other ingredients are beeswax, almond and coconut oil.

These hydrate and moisten the skin, making this balm great go all sorts of skin issues like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.
It can also be used to treat-
                                          *Cold sores and chapped lips
                                          *Sunburn, cuts, bruises, mild frost bite,and burns.
                                          *Insect bites and stings
                                          * Mix with water and gargled to soothe sore thoats.
                                          * It's also great for baby's skin, to be used as a nappy rash cream.
                                          * It can also be used as a cleanser to remove make up.            

The balm reminds me of hair wax and vaseline in appearance and texture. It looks and feels quite greasy but is absorbed very quickly with no real residue. It has a very mild tea tree fragrance that is very clean and fresh and because it's absorbed so quickly I haven't found that it stains clothing at all.

This to me has to be my best found product to date! It comes in two sizes 15ml £4.99 and 50ml £9.99. The smaller size it perfect to pop in your handbag or nappy bag and perfect for traveling.

Have you tried Móa Green Balm? Please share your stories with me, I would love to know what you think and the uses you have for it.



Thursday, 21 February 2013

Bye Bye Winter Shades (NOTD)

Nails of the day/ 3 weeks :)
Hi Lovies,
I just had to do a quick post about my nails  I had done today.
Their gorgeous and i love them, and all thanks to the lovely girls at Jagged Edge beauty Bedford. I have gel nails as mine are weak and brittle and  would just break without it. The polish they use is Gelish, which after trying numerous other brands works well with my nails ( some other brands i found really dried my nails out). I find it  helps my nails grow and the polish lasts 3 weeks without chipping . I normally opt for darker richer shades, but today ( in light of the short lived nice weather we have had) i decided to go for a more neutral pale tone, opting for a gorgeous subtle pink colour jazzed up with glitter on my ring fingers.

I can feel spring already approaching ( well not literally as it bloody cold here at the mo) but it has lifted me as I wave goodbye to dark mornings and evenings!

What do you think? Are you waving goodbye to winter with your nails, or are you holding on to the darker rich tones that winter embraces?


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Khroma Au Natural lip set Review

I was so excited to get this product which has (along with other make up items) been designed by the Kardashian sisters. Their Make up line is called Khroma Beauty,which consists of three eyeshadow palettes, mascara's and lipstick, you can review one of  their eyeshadow palettes here - http://loulovesbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/khroma-kardazzel-review.html

This is the product for the perfect nude pout. It contains a double ended lip liner and lipstick with a matching lip gloss.
When trying this out I was really worried that the lip liner/lip stick would be very dry, but I was actually impressed with how moisturising it was. It wasn't chalky and glided on really easily.

The lip gloss itself is not sticky or tacky ( which I hate, there is nothing worse than hair getting stuck to your lips!!) and is very hydrating and easy to wear. It does however  have a really strong scent, smells and tastes like honey, which is great if you love honey.

The shade is a gorgeous creamy latte colour, which would suit anyones skin tone and colouring. In the swatches the colour looks rather orange and more coral like,but once on turns more of a netural tone.

This product is perfect, if like me you like to concentrate on your eye makeup and don't want to wear a  heavy lip colour ( I was always told you can't do both).  Overall i am impressed with the product and i think the price is very reasonable, at only £14.95 for both. I cant wait to see what new products they will bring out next!
This product along with others from the Khroma range is available from -

Have you tried any make up from the Khroma line? I would love to know your thoughts.
Thank you for reading
Lou xx

Monday, 18 February 2013

Golden Goddesses - My Tan Addiction

This continues from my previous post about fake tans. In this post I will be revealing my favourite tanning products for that beach babe, just got back from holiday look.
Over the last couple of years fake tans have come a long way, we have celebrities bringing out tans every other month and market leaders improving there formula all the time. Having tried numerous brands and products I have come up with my top products to date to suit all budgets.

Sun-believable by Leighton Denny - Dark mousse £30.00 for 200ml
I've heard of Leighton Denny for his nail products but never realised that he did tans until someone recommended it to me, so me being me I ordered it straight away! This tan is fantastic! If you want that bronzed golden look this product deliverers it without fail. The mousse formula glides on easily and dries within seconds. Like most tans it has a colour guide so you can see where your putting it to avoid the dreaded streaks and tell tell signs. After leaving this 8 hours ( overnight) and washing it off the finished result is a deep golden ( not orange) tan that lasts about 7 days. It doesn't really have a smell, which is great, there is nothing worse than smelling like a biscuit! When I'm wearing this people always ask " have you been away!" Which I think is the best compliment a tanning product can get. www.sun-believable.com

Xen tan dark lotion absolute luxe £39.99 for 236ml
This is a cream tan that a smells gorgeous, like toffee or coffee, i cant decide. It has a light brown colour guide that blends in easy and absorbs quickly into the skin,  not leaving it tacky or sticky. Because of the light guide you can wear this during the day without looking like you've been rolling in mud! Is gives you a gorgeous colour ( which you would expect of Xen tan) which is a nice deep olive tone that last for about 7-10 days. Because this is a cream it hydrates the skin, which makes the tan wear away better without any patchiness or the dreaded crocodile skin! Because of the texture and light colour guide I recommend this to people that are used to tanning. (The light guide makes it a little more difficult to see where the product is going ) but is in no way makes this product less effective. www.xentan.com

Lauren's way darker than dark mousse £19.95 for 150ml.
Since the hit TV show The only way is Essex came onto our screens most of the nation has fallen in love With the sillyness and antics that the cast get up to . One of the cast members is Lauren Goodger who is always sporting a glamorous golden glow has brought out her own tanning range. The product I tried was a Mousse which is so easy to apply, blending in effortlessly and drying quickly. Even though it's cheaper than the first two this one still delivers a fabulous golden tan with ease, the colour guide is dark making streaks a thing of the past. After washing off you're left with a rich and golden tan that last about 5 days. I think the girl done well! www.laurensway.com

St Mortiz Dark tanning Mousse £4.99 for 200ml
This product is cheap as chips and do you know what? it's not that bad! As with all mousse products this goes on really well, even though it is incredibly dark when it comes out it blends easily and is absorbed quickly. The colour itself ( once washed off) is no where near as dark as when it's applied, but still a nice olive colour delivering a subtle sun kissed look. On me I found that it lasted a only couple of days, but at the price it is I wasn't too bothered. I think tan is perfect for a tanning novice that wants to experiment with tanning without the price tag. I have known friends to put this on for a night out without washing it off, which for this product is perfect. You could layer this tan up but I think if you want a deeper tan quickly I would recommend spending more on a more professional product which is more cost effective and makes the whole tanning process a lot easier ( as you're only doing it once) .www.tesco.com

Rimmel instant wash off tan £6.00
For 100ml comes in shimmer and matte.
For a High street brand I love this stuff! I use this for those last minute night outs and as a top up tan if I want extra colour. This is a gel-like product that comes out a treacle colour but once applied is a lot more subtle and less scary. It drys quickly and I've found that it doesn't stain or come off on my clothes ( obviously avoid wearing white!) and at the end of the day/night you can wash it away with ease. It's a fab product to have for all your golden goddesses out there to have! www.boots.com

What is your favourite tanning product? I would love to know if you have tried a brand that you think is the bees knees!
Thank you for reading,
ta ta for now
Lou xx


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Banish the Winter blues.

Everybody has had that one product they cannot live without, whether it be lipstick, Mascara, hand cream or anything else. Well mine HAS to be fake tan!! It doesn't matter how I do my make up or what clothes i wear if I'm not wearing fake tan I just never feel right! Over the years I have tried loads and built up quite a collection in the process. Some people are a little afraid of fake tan and the image of streaky bacon haunts them, but fear not, there is a tan for everyone! Whether you use it for special occasions or just to get you out of the paleness that winter brings. So here are a few products ive used to help you decide which tan is the best for you.
Pale skin/ natural glow/winter skin.
Applying some tan in the cooler months ( let's face it we get loads in England lol) can give you that extra boost and is a good way of matching your favourite foundation to the rest of your body rather than buying a paler one for the winter months. For a natural look and fake tan virgins i think the best products to use are the gradual tan moisturisers. There are loads on the market and normally come in two colours light/medium and Medium/dark. These can just be applied when needed like a normal moisturiser and can easily be fitted to your daily routine ( make sure you wash your hands after thou :) ) Some of which I've tried are-

Xen tan transform Luxe £24.99. Beauty insiders and celebrities alike love Xen-Tan. Transform luxe has a light creamy texture and fresh vanilla fragrance. Completely streak-free, this is perfect for tanning first-timers. This product is lovely ( I use this as a tan prolonger between applications as well) it's very moisturising but doesn't make you feel sticky as it is absorbed into the skin very quickly. As with all xen tan products its has a olive tone delivering a nice natural sunkissed colour and doesn't leave you looking like a wostit! Unlike a lot of gradual tans with this one you are less likely to smell like a biscuit, and i find it lasts a lot longer than the cheaper alternatives fading away nicely without any patches. www.xentan.co.uk

Johnsons holiday skin £5.10 - This is one of the cheapest and the first brand to release a gradual tanner. I found this quite greasy, but it does give you a nice glow, making you look healthy and not too tanned, but be careful not to over do it, as the underlining colour is not as olive and you could end up tangoed ! www.boots.com

L'Oreal NutriSummer 24hr Moisturising Lotion £7.45-
This is one i found to be less greasy and easier absorbed into the skin (just taking a few minuted to dry).It has a fresher scent and a lighter texture which delivers a natural sunkissed glow that can be built up to a darker colour over a number of days if desired. www.boots.com

If creams are not your thing there is a tan that is especially for fairer skin, it called Wow brown and is dedicated to people with pale/fair skin tones it comes in two different colours fair/medium and medium/dark and in a cream and spray, ( I cannot comment on the cream as I have only used the spray) but I quite liked it. It has a colour guide so you can see wear you are putting it ( gloves are needed) which gives an instant tan that develops in 5 hours. It has a fresh clean scent which is possibly one of the best I've smelt from a fake tan and is absorbed quickly in to the skin. Once it has been developed and washed off it gives a fresh "just got back from a day or two in the sun" look which is light and not at all overpowering and can easily been worn this time of year. The colour is meant to last between 5-10 days but I found that it was more 3-5 . €21.95 www.wowbrown.com

As with all tanning products I would recommend exfoliating once a week to get rid of any dry skin and to remove any traces of the old tan that you have applied. Even with these light tanners be careful on knees elbows and eyebrows. Apply a small amount of moisturiser on these areas prior to tanning. I always find the best time to apply is a night and shower in the morning, this is not essential with the gradual tanners but I find that sometimes they leave a slight stain on light clothing.
So if you've tried a light tan but now you want the full monty and that beach babe look, (this is where I'm at and always look like I've been on holiday!) my next post will be up soon about my most loved deep bronze tanners so "Stay tuned folks!" Lol

Lou xx ;)

Monday, 11 February 2013

February's Glossy Box

So the time has come again when we receive our glossy boxes, the theme this month is Valentines day.
Before I start to what's in the box I have to comment on the box itself! It's a pretty pink colour with a bow design and it's lovely, it nice to see a change from the normal box.
So lets get started to what inside...
Firstly I got Micabella cosmetics mineral blush powder in siera suede. It's a lovely burnt coral colour and I can definitely see myself using this! £34.95 for 9g, this is 0.8g of product.
Next up is ModelCo eyeshadow palette in bronzed goddess. This is a full size item and the colours look wearable, so I'm really happy with that.£18
Staying on the make-up theme next I received another full sized product which was Helen E' lipstick in Sienna. It's a dark chocolate colour, not something that I would wear but dark lips are fashionable at the moment do I might try it if I'm feeling brave enough! £8
Next is yet another full sized product and this time it's skin care in the form of a body wash by Anatomicals, this is a rosé scented cleanser and is priced at £5
Finally is Dr Renaud raspberry soft cream. This is a natural face cream which is hydrating and is meant to boost skins cell activity. £25 for 50ml and this was a 30ml sample.
And as a bonus we all got a heart shaped lolly!
What did you think of your box?

Lux Box Giveaway!

Hello all!! You may be aware that I received 2 Luxboxes instead of 1 this month, and they have kindly said that I can keep it and have donated it as a prize in my blog giveaway! ( How nice is that?!)
So as a thank you to everyone for taking the time to read my blog I am doing this giveaway, the prize of course being Januarys Lux box.
The box contains-
*Balm Balm lip balm - Full size
*John Masters shampoo - 30ml
*John Masters detangler - 30ml
*Dr Bragi age management moisturiser - 5ml
*I will also put in an extra product in as a surprise gift.
So what do you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this prize?
1. Please follow my blog
2. Follow me on twitter @hoadlouise
3. Leave a comment in the box below with your name as well as your twitter and blog name so I can verify that your following me.
The winner will be notified by twitter. This competition will run for 2weeks, the closing date is Sunday 24th February at midnight.
I will aim to deliver the prize within 7 working days.
Sorry this is open to UK residents only.
Good luck!!! :)

Hi there lovelies, I just wanted to do a quick post about this gorgeous bracelet I purchased the other week. It's not makeup related but definitely beauty related as its beautiful!
The bracelet is gorgeous its "made in the shambala style but with elasicated fittings for your comfort, each piece comes with a beautiful large bow charm that matches perfectly with the beads, its a true wow piece for any sparkle lover :)"
I brought it from angelmazz.co.uk for £30. They have fantastic customer service and I will definitely be buying from them again. You can follow them on twitter @occasionsbyangelmazz where they often do competitions and special offers.
What do you think of it? :)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Khroma Kardazzel review

Hello again, if you follow my blog you would have read a post I did about my "to buy list of 2013". So far I have completed one by purchasing a NEOM candle that I have been lusting after for ages, now I have completed another and brought the Khroma Kardazzel face palette.
If you haven't of heard of Khroma beauty, this is the new make up line from the 3 Kardashian sisters. There has been buzz going around the beauty world with people wanting to try out the brand that has hit America recently. At the moment they are not available in the UK to buy in store but you can purchase them from www.khromabeauty.eu/
The product that Interested me the most was the Kardazzel face palette, there are 3 variations, Kim,Khole and Kourtney. ( I wanted to try Khole's).

The palette comes in a mock snake skin case with a pull out draw containing 1 bronzer, 1 blusher and a highlighter. There are 8 eyeshadows, 4 matte and 4 shimmer in ivory, golds, bronzes and chocolate. You can create numerous daytime and evening looks with the highly pigmented shadows, which have really good staying power.

Top row, matte shades
Bottom row, shimmer shades
Blusher,Highlighter and Bronzer
 You could easily do a subtle daytime look in the morning , pop this palette in your bag and update it for the evening for a glam night time look.

Subtle look using the first and thrid shadows from the shimmer row
I'm in love with this palette, but have only one complaint. The blusher and bronzer are useless! (Or maybe its just me?)They are soooo subtle it's untrue. Maybe if you have a really fair skin tone these will show up but they don't on mine. The highlighter is good with a dusting of shimmer but I don't think I'll get any use out of the bronzer and blusher :( it's a shame really because they are both a lovely colour.
Have you tried any make up from the Khroma range? I would love to know your thoughts. Xx