Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Banish the Winter blues.

Everybody has had that one product they cannot live without, whether it be lipstick, Mascara, hand cream or anything else. Well mine HAS to be fake tan!! It doesn't matter how I do my make up or what clothes i wear if I'm not wearing fake tan I just never feel right! Over the years I have tried loads and built up quite a collection in the process. Some people are a little afraid of fake tan and the image of streaky bacon haunts them, but fear not, there is a tan for everyone! Whether you use it for special occasions or just to get you out of the paleness that winter brings. So here are a few products ive used to help you decide which tan is the best for you.
Pale skin/ natural glow/winter skin.
Applying some tan in the cooler months ( let's face it we get loads in England lol) can give you that extra boost and is a good way of matching your favourite foundation to the rest of your body rather than buying a paler one for the winter months. For a natural look and fake tan virgins i think the best products to use are the gradual tan moisturisers. There are loads on the market and normally come in two colours light/medium and Medium/dark. These can just be applied when needed like a normal moisturiser and can easily be fitted to your daily routine ( make sure you wash your hands after thou :) ) Some of which I've tried are-

Xen tan transform Luxe £24.99. Beauty insiders and celebrities alike love Xen-Tan. Transform luxe has a light creamy texture and fresh vanilla fragrance. Completely streak-free, this is perfect for tanning first-timers. This product is lovely ( I use this as a tan prolonger between applications as well) it's very moisturising but doesn't make you feel sticky as it is absorbed into the skin very quickly. As with all xen tan products its has a olive tone delivering a nice natural sunkissed colour and doesn't leave you looking like a wostit! Unlike a lot of gradual tans with this one you are less likely to smell like a biscuit, and i find it lasts a lot longer than the cheaper alternatives fading away nicely without any patches.

Johnsons holiday skin £5.10 - This is one of the cheapest and the first brand to release a gradual tanner. I found this quite greasy, but it does give you a nice glow, making you look healthy and not too tanned, but be careful not to over do it, as the underlining colour is not as olive and you could end up tangoed !

L'Oreal NutriSummer 24hr Moisturising Lotion £7.45-
This is one i found to be less greasy and easier absorbed into the skin (just taking a few minuted to dry).It has a fresher scent and a lighter texture which delivers a natural sunkissed glow that can be built up to a darker colour over a number of days if desired.

If creams are not your thing there is a tan that is especially for fairer skin, it called Wow brown and is dedicated to people with pale/fair skin tones it comes in two different colours fair/medium and medium/dark and in a cream and spray, ( I cannot comment on the cream as I have only used the spray) but I quite liked it. It has a colour guide so you can see wear you are putting it ( gloves are needed) which gives an instant tan that develops in 5 hours. It has a fresh clean scent which is possibly one of the best I've smelt from a fake tan and is absorbed quickly in to the skin. Once it has been developed and washed off it gives a fresh "just got back from a day or two in the sun" look which is light and not at all overpowering and can easily been worn this time of year. The colour is meant to last between 5-10 days but I found that it was more 3-5 . €21.95

As with all tanning products I would recommend exfoliating once a week to get rid of any dry skin and to remove any traces of the old tan that you have applied. Even with these light tanners be careful on knees elbows and eyebrows. Apply a small amount of moisturiser on these areas prior to tanning. I always find the best time to apply is a night and shower in the morning, this is not essential with the gradual tanners but I find that sometimes they leave a slight stain on light clothing.
So if you've tried a light tan but now you want the full monty and that beach babe look, (this is where I'm at and always look like I've been on holiday!) my next post will be up soon about my most loved deep bronze tanners so "Stay tuned folks!" Lol

Lou xx ;)


  1. What a great post - I can't wait to give some of these a try! :)

    1. Thank you Hun, my next post will be about achieving a dark beach babe tan! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog xx

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    1. Arrr thank you Sana, its lovely to hear things like that. Gonna check your blog out now xxxx :)

  3. Love this run down of fake tans, I love being tanned in winter too so will be sure to try some of these out, I came over from twitter and love the blog so am following :) xxx

    1. Thank you lovely, I've followed you back xx

  4. The information that you provided was thorough and helpful. I will have to share your article with others.



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