Thursday, 21 February 2013

Bye Bye Winter Shades (NOTD)

Nails of the day/ 3 weeks :)
Hi Lovies,
I just had to do a quick post about my nails  I had done today.
Their gorgeous and i love them, and all thanks to the lovely girls at Jagged Edge beauty Bedford. I have gel nails as mine are weak and brittle and  would just break without it. The polish they use is Gelish, which after trying numerous other brands works well with my nails ( some other brands i found really dried my nails out). I find it  helps my nails grow and the polish lasts 3 weeks without chipping . I normally opt for darker richer shades, but today ( in light of the short lived nice weather we have had) i decided to go for a more neutral pale tone, opting for a gorgeous subtle pink colour jazzed up with glitter on my ring fingers.

I can feel spring already approaching ( well not literally as it bloody cold here at the mo) but it has lifted me as I wave goodbye to dark mornings and evenings!

What do you think? Are you waving goodbye to winter with your nails, or are you holding on to the darker rich tones that winter embraces?


  1. I quite like winter shades still, maybe it is this evil weather, but I am not ready to give in to nice spring shades yet xx

  2. Really pretty, I say bring on summer colours too! They help brighten up your day:)

  3. I'm still holding onto winter tones for my nails; I'm just not in the mood! The cold weather is still affecting my mood. Your manicure looks great. :)

  4. I'm weird; I wear neons and summery shades in winter and go in for taupes and vampy cremes in summer. Or just mix them all up. It depends on what polish catches my eye from the shelf.
    Love your glitter accent nail x
    My Beauty Junction

  5. The gliter nail is cute! I wear spring/summer nail varnish pretty much all year x

  6. There such a pretty shades x

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