Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Confessions of a hairdresser

Hello all, most of my posts have been about beauty products so I thought I would share some hairdressing facts and advice with you.
Firstly I quickie about my career. I have been hairdressing for 15 years starting off as a salon junior. I trained for 4 years and gained my NVQ level 2 & 3 in that time. 5 years ago I was given the opportunity to buy the salon that I have been working at since I was 16, of course I jumped at the chance of running my own salon. Everything was turning out lovely and business was going great. But unfortunately I had to sell the salon a year ago just after having my son, there was various reasons, one being that i had to return to work when he was six weeks old due to staffing issues and I felt that I couldn't do both, as running a business is a full time job i wanted to spend more time at home with my son. So anyway I sold the salon and now I work (that the same place lol) 3 days a week renting a chair. I feel so much better doing this as I spend half the week with my son and don't feel guilty about going to work the rest of the week. So there you go, a little about me, sorry if I went on a little. ;)
So hear are a few questions that I get asked all the time....

I'm growing my hair, how often should I get it cut?
Your hair grows on average 1/2 inch every month, so I always recommend to clients who are  growing their hair to leave it 8 weeks and just to have a small trim ( which is 1/2 inch ) so I'm not cutting off all that has grown. If your not growing your hair and just want to maintain it I recommend going every 4-6 weeks, to keep to in good shape and condition.

How often should I wash my hair?
Washing your hair every day is a No No!!! Not only do you wash away the natural oils you are also going to dry it out even more because you will be styling it every day as well ( hair dryer, straightens, curling tongs) I recommend 2-3 times a week and no more! If you really can't stand your hair with the smallest amount of grease then there are dry shampoo's available in all different colours and scents, this should keep you going for a extra day.

What shampoo and conditioner/treatments should i use do I get rid of my split ends?
Well I'm really sorry to say this but NONE!!! No conditioner or treatment in the world is going to magically make your split ends disappear. The only way is to get them cut off! Conditioner and serums will seal them and reduce breakage but as soon as you wash your hair there back! Regular trims are essential in maintaining healthy hair.

What straighteners should I buy?
This all depends on your hair. If you have fairly straight hair I would say you can get away with high street brands, such as babyliss, Remington and Philips ect. But if you need more, ie have thick, wavy or curly hair I would recommend spending more and getting a professional brand such as GHD or cloud nine. These retail for about £99-£130. And please try and make sure you get ones with a temperature control so you can limit the amount of heat on your hair. Cloud nine have temperature controls on all of there stylers. ( cloud nine straighteners can be found at www.cloudninehair.com)

How do I keep my red hair RED?
When colouring your hair red you need to realise that this comes with added up keep. Red hair fades because of the shape of the colour molecules. Most colour i.e. browns and blonde have round shaped molecules that sit in the cuticle whereas reds have hexagonal shaped, these don't sit in the cuticle as well  which is why they wash out easily. What I recommend is washing your hair in cool water as heat opens up your cuticles and the cool water will help them stay in your hair shaft longer. Keep out of the sun, and buy coloured shampoo for red hair. (John frieda does coloured shampoos which can be found at Boots store)

I hope these questions have helped some of you and if there are any more that you would like to know the answer to please leave a comment and I will answer it to the best of my ability. Thank you for stopping by. Happy hair day everyone :) xx


  1. Oh this was a fantastic post, I found it really helpful xx


    1. Thank you Hun, I'll be doing some more, didn't want to do a really long blog. Thank you for commenting and reading. Xx :)

  2. Great post :) I nominated you for the Liebster Award! xx

    1. Wow thank you! I've only been doing the blog for just over a month so that means the world to me!!!! :)

  3. great post :) It's really good to hear a hairdresser point of view :-)
    I have really frizzy thick curly hair and after my "crappy" (it's not bad but it doesn't tame my hair to well) brakes I think I am going to try the GHD ones!

  4. Good stuff. I think you should do a section 2 of the confessions and write about bad experiences or funny mishaps you've had or seen in the salon ;-)


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