Monday, 18 February 2013

Golden Goddesses - My Tan Addiction

This continues from my previous post about fake tans. In this post I will be revealing my favourite tanning products for that beach babe, just got back from holiday look.
Over the last couple of years fake tans have come a long way, we have celebrities bringing out tans every other month and market leaders improving there formula all the time. Having tried numerous brands and products I have come up with my top products to date to suit all budgets.

Sun-believable by Leighton Denny - Dark mousse £30.00 for 200ml
I've heard of Leighton Denny for his nail products but never realised that he did tans until someone recommended it to me, so me being me I ordered it straight away! This tan is fantastic! If you want that bronzed golden look this product deliverers it without fail. The mousse formula glides on easily and dries within seconds. Like most tans it has a colour guide so you can see where your putting it to avoid the dreaded streaks and tell tell signs. After leaving this 8 hours ( overnight) and washing it off the finished result is a deep golden ( not orange) tan that lasts about 7 days. It doesn't really have a smell, which is great, there is nothing worse than smelling like a biscuit! When I'm wearing this people always ask " have you been away!" Which I think is the best compliment a tanning product can get.

Xen tan dark lotion absolute luxe £39.99 for 236ml
This is a cream tan that a smells gorgeous, like toffee or coffee, i cant decide. It has a light brown colour guide that blends in easy and absorbs quickly into the skin,  not leaving it tacky or sticky. Because of the light guide you can wear this during the day without looking like you've been rolling in mud! Is gives you a gorgeous colour ( which you would expect of Xen tan) which is a nice deep olive tone that last for about 7-10 days. Because this is a cream it hydrates the skin, which makes the tan wear away better without any patchiness or the dreaded crocodile skin! Because of the texture and light colour guide I recommend this to people that are used to tanning. (The light guide makes it a little more difficult to see where the product is going ) but is in no way makes this product less effective.

Lauren's way darker than dark mousse £19.95 for 150ml.
Since the hit TV show The only way is Essex came onto our screens most of the nation has fallen in love With the sillyness and antics that the cast get up to . One of the cast members is Lauren Goodger who is always sporting a glamorous golden glow has brought out her own tanning range. The product I tried was a Mousse which is so easy to apply, blending in effortlessly and drying quickly. Even though it's cheaper than the first two this one still delivers a fabulous golden tan with ease, the colour guide is dark making streaks a thing of the past. After washing off you're left with a rich and golden tan that last about 5 days. I think the girl done well!

St Mortiz Dark tanning Mousse £4.99 for 200ml
This product is cheap as chips and do you know what? it's not that bad! As with all mousse products this goes on really well, even though it is incredibly dark when it comes out it blends easily and is absorbed quickly. The colour itself ( once washed off) is no where near as dark as when it's applied, but still a nice olive colour delivering a subtle sun kissed look. On me I found that it lasted a only couple of days, but at the price it is I wasn't too bothered. I think tan is perfect for a tanning novice that wants to experiment with tanning without the price tag. I have known friends to put this on for a night out without washing it off, which for this product is perfect. You could layer this tan up but I think if you want a deeper tan quickly I would recommend spending more on a more professional product which is more cost effective and makes the whole tanning process a lot easier ( as you're only doing it once)

Rimmel instant wash off tan £6.00
For 100ml comes in shimmer and matte.
For a High street brand I love this stuff! I use this for those last minute night outs and as a top up tan if I want extra colour. This is a gel-like product that comes out a treacle colour but once applied is a lot more subtle and less scary. It drys quickly and I've found that it doesn't stain or come off on my clothes ( obviously avoid wearing white!) and at the end of the day/night you can wash it away with ease. It's a fab product to have for all your golden goddesses out there to have!

What is your favourite tanning product? I would love to know if you have tried a brand that you think is the bees knees!
Thank you for reading,
ta ta for now
Lou xx



  1. These all look great, nice to know what you think of them too. I am such a pale lady when it comes to all times of year really. Love a little tan to brighten your mood & look though :)


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