Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Khroma Au Natural lip set Review

I was so excited to get this product which has (along with other make up items) been designed by the Kardashian sisters. Their Make up line is called Khroma Beauty,which consists of three eyeshadow palettes, mascara's and lipstick, you can review one of  their eyeshadow palettes here - http://loulovesbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/khroma-kardazzel-review.html

This is the product for the perfect nude pout. It contains a double ended lip liner and lipstick with a matching lip gloss.
When trying this out I was really worried that the lip liner/lip stick would be very dry, but I was actually impressed with how moisturising it was. It wasn't chalky and glided on really easily.

The lip gloss itself is not sticky or tacky ( which I hate, there is nothing worse than hair getting stuck to your lips!!) and is very hydrating and easy to wear. It does however  have a really strong scent, smells and tastes like honey, which is great if you love honey.

The shade is a gorgeous creamy latte colour, which would suit anyones skin tone and colouring. In the swatches the colour looks rather orange and more coral like,but once on turns more of a netural tone.

This product is perfect, if like me you like to concentrate on your eye makeup and don't want to wear a  heavy lip colour ( I was always told you can't do both).  Overall i am impressed with the product and i think the price is very reasonable, at only £14.95 for both. I cant wait to see what new products they will bring out next!
This product along with others from the Khroma range is available from -

Have you tried any make up from the Khroma line? I would love to know your thoughts.
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  1. ohh yay khroma beauty! :D looking forward to try their products!

  2. lovely post - hope to get to try some of these products soon EVEN IF I HAVE TO IMPORT! :)

  3. Great post! Looking forward to trying these products now! xo (followed)




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