Monday, 4 February 2013

Relaxing and unwinding with NEOM

If you read my last post you would have seen that there are a couple of products that I wanted to try. One if the being NEOM's scented candles. I've seen them in lots of blogs and magazine and just had to try them out! Well now I can tick that off my " to buy list."
I received a travel size candle and reed diffuser as part of a set last week. The scent I got in the diffuser was happiness. The smell is a sparkling blend of White Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon, combined with natural fresh grass notes to create the awakening of spring (perfect for this time of year). When I first opened it the smell was really strong,but now it's a subtle fragrance the fills the room, making the room smell clean and fresh and not a all overpowering.
The scent I got in the candle was complete bliss, its a modern take on traditional Rose by adding a little Black Pepper and Lime so it really feels very fresh as well as traditionally beautiful.
"NEOM Luxury Organics candles are made using only vegetable wax and pure essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances so they burn without releasing harmful pollutants, toxins or soot. They work as powerful holistic treatments as you breathe in the scented air so it is best to burn them for between 2-4 hours at a time." The candle smells lush and I love the simple and elegant packaging. Every home needs some NEOM in my opinion ! :)
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  1. I am also dying to try their candles having heard nothing but rave reviews about them. Hopefully if I leave enough clues someone will buy me one for my birthday in September, may take them that long to save up though :)
    Angela x

  2. You can get the travel candles for a little as £15 and they have 20 hours of burn time! :)

  3. I'm yet to try Neom, I love candles - such a nice treat for the senses!
    £15 for 20 hours is a nice way to see if they work before you fork out the proper money x

    1. Definatly Kerry. I think it a good price really for the amount of hours you get out of it. I've brought some an only last one night!! :)
      Thanks for the follow xx


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