Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Glam Glow Super Mud Mask

Today I'm trying one of the world famous products from Glam Glow. Super mud is the sister product of Youth Mud which has been a worldwide seller and known to be the "home facial in a jar".
Super Mud is a clearing treatment clinically developed to help fight common skin concerns, such as....
-Visible pores
-Razor bumps
-In-grown hairs
-Black heads
and Break outs.

It contains Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid, Eucalyptus, Aloe Vera and Chamomile to name a few. Each ingredient is designed is help clear skin and improve texture as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles! It really is a wonder product!

So does it work?

The mask is applied to clean skin in an even layer. It can be used for 5,10,15 or 20minutes. Once on the skin, dots will appear which is sebum being extracted from your skin (nice!).

The texture of the mud is light with fine grains found in it. When first applied the mud is a dark grey  colour and drys to a lighter grey . It goes on  really easyand drys fairly quickly leaving your skin feeling tight and hard to the touch. It didn't tingle or sting and felt quite refreshing on the face, it also  had a nice  minty fragrance. 

                                            You can see a few of the grains in the mask on my skin

Not long after leaving the mask, it turns a light grey colour and small dark dots start to appear. This is the oils being sucked out of your skin ( I found it quite satisfying it watch!).

Errrr look at all the oil coming out!!
The big lumps are the grains in the mask, not the oil in my face ( just wanted to add that!)
Me being me I left it for the full 20 minutes as I wanted to see the maximum results.

I removed the mask with warm water and a muslin cloth, and then rinsed it with cold water to remove any last traces of the mask and close up my pores. My skin was left feeling super clean, velvety smooth, brighter and fresher. I didn't feel that it dried it out at all, which sometimes I get with a face mask.

You can see my face looks less greasy and brighter in appearance
I think the  difference you see from one use is really good. In my opinion I think it does work, my skin is less oily, cleaner and my pores have been reduced slightly. I will definitely keep using this as a weekly facial treatment. A 30ml pot costs from £44.99 and  provides 17 full face applications or 1,000 spot treatments. If you think how much you would pay for a facial the price is pretty reasonable!  I like the fact that it can be used in as little as 5 minutes making it really easy to fit into your skincare routine and the super cute glamorous packaging  looks fab sitting in my bathroom!

I found the mask cheaper on Feel Unique at £39.99

Have you tried any of the Glam Glow masks, what are your thoughts on them?

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  1. Looks interesting! May ask for this for my birthday as nothing I do gets rids of blackheads on my nose :( xx

  2. The pics are great xx

  3. Thanks for the review - been thinking about trying this out.

    If you use code SNOW10 on feel unique you get 10% off (and delivery is free)

  4. cool blog :)
    do you want to follow each other :)?


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