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Hairbond Distorter Review

As a Hairdresser I get to try out new products and brands all the time (fantastic perk of the job), one of these products is from the new range from Hairbond.

Hairbond has become a bit of a cult brand in the hairdressing industry with celebrity clients loving  the products and winning Best Male Hair Styling Product of 2011.

One of the products is Distorter* a clay like styling product for flexible styles and  hold. The packaging is simple yet trendy in a super sleek pot. The pot is made of plastic and loads 100ml which makes it ideal for travelling.

"The Distorter Professional Hair Clay is elite,styling product that creates texture with a supple finish. Flexible hold gives great results to thick straight hair. This product will give hair a strong to medium hold allowing elasticity for easy use. Apply to dry hair and distort your own look generating superb styling results. This product has a delicious Juicy Fruit fragrance. The Distorter washes out easily in water."

I have been trying this out on a couple of clients recently after looking for a styling product that will define and add texture to the hair without weighing it down, and this product delivered it all!

The clay has a light creamy texture which is soft and flexible, and not a all sticky. It is a very easy product to work with and doesn't clump or look greasy. The smell is amazing!! It smells of the alcoholic drink Apple Sours! (Yummy). If you have never tried apple sours, it smells of apples (funny that!) which is super sweet, fresh and just gorgeous. Your hair smells amazing and as does your hands after applying it.

I pop a 2p size amount into my hands and rub them together, I then scrunch it all over the head to disperse the clay evenly, then start to mould and shape the hair to the style that I want to achieve. It is great if you like to experiment with different looks,  the flexible clay allows you to restyle without the need to apply more product.

Before                                                                       After
What I really like about this product it that the hair still looks shiny and healthy, it can easily be brushed/washed out without leaving any residue. It's gives a very natural look and the hair doesn't look overloaded or greasy. As you can see from the photo's above, the hair looks more textured and the style looks sharper and more defined, without looking dull or too "over done".  The product has taken away the "fluffy" look giving the style more structure and shape.
Hairbond is manly aimed at men but the universal packaging and fragrance makes it a great unisex product for both men and women of all ages.
Before                                                            After
If your a bit scared of using products in your hair, or don't like the feeling that they leave, then this is a great product for you to try.

Best for hair length - Short to mid length hair.                                        
Best to use on ( hair types) -Fine to Medium texture.
Great on - Straight to Wavy hair types
Hold - I would say this is a good medium hold that doesn't feel hard or greasy to the touch.
Value for money - 100 ml or £13.99 I think this is a good price, I know a lot of brands where you get far less product and quality on a higher price tag!
Not so good on - Long, curly or really coarse hair.

Hairbond can be brought from http://www.hairbond.co.uk/
Twitter  - https://twitter.com/Hairbond
For all trade enquires please contact Salon Depot - 01438 740088 or email -jon@salondepot.co.uk
You can also check out their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/#!/salondepotltd and keep up with the latest news via Twitter https://twitter.com/salondepot

Have you tried any products from the Hairbond range? Leave a comment and let me know what you thought.

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