Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Most Liked and Disapointing products for April 2013

Hi guys! Today I'm going to do a little run down of products that I'm loving and some that I've found some what disappointing.


Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara.

I brought this about 2 weeks ago after reading good things about it. I must say that mascara on my bottom lashes has been the bane of my life. I love the look but it just doesn't last. I find myself resembling a panda within a few hours of applying  and it's put me off wearing it,(especially for work) I find a long day in warm atmosphere does not help at all! Soooo after reading about this little baby I decided to give it a go.
The first picture shows the difference in wand size compared to normal Mascara's

Now I must say that I wasn't really expecting it to work, imagine my surprise when it did!! This is a fantastic product, the little applicator wand makes it so easy to coat your lashes without getting it on the skin, it really defines and sets them all day. I really couldn't believe that it actually worked, even after a full 8 hour day at work, I returned home without even a smudge! It really is does do what it says on the tin! I would definitely buy this again and have been using it everyday since buying it. LOVE IT!! :)


Barry M gelly Polish

As you can see I brought 3,  I love the colours their Vibrate and gorgeous!
Now I know that I will be banished for saying this but unfortunately my Love/Hate product is the Barry M gelly polish. I Love the colour range, their are some fantastic shades for spring/summer which are super cute. The reason why I dislike them is they seem to take ages to dry and I always smudge them and never have the super glossy finish that they are meant to have. Now I'm sure if I sit for a hour without doing anything this wouldn't happen, but who has an hour to do that?!  I find they chip quickly, and the  consistency of the polish is a bit too thick for my liking, I find them not very easy to apply, they seem to hold too much polish and you end up with blobs of polish everywhere. Now it may just be me but I really was not impressed with them and think there are far more better polishes out there.  I will use the shades I have but i will not be repurchasing any more. Sorry everyone, ( quickly runs and hides!)


Real Technique Brushes

I'm loving ( like most people) the Real Technique brushes. I recently got the expert face brush which I now use instead of my stippling brush to apply my foundation. The brush is lovely and soft, it holds just the right amount of product. I find apply my foundation is super easy and quick,  it delivers a flawless and polished finish. I will definitely be buying some of the eyeshadow brushes next!


Elf Contouring blush and Bronzer duo

I purchased this a while ago and have to put it into the HATE pile. Now if you know me or read my blog regularly you know that I love tanning and always have a tan ( without I'm super pale). So I brought this too use, as my bronzer was running out. The reason why I hate it is because it is just sooooo dark, it's unwearable, and considering I have a tan it's still way too dark for me.
Blusher and Bronzer, Left with flash, right in natural daylight

 I really don't know anyone it could work with. The blusher is not too bad but I can;t find a way of using the bronzer. ( as you can see from above the bronzer is just so ridiculously dark) I have tried using it to contour and alas it still fails. It's super pigmented which is normally a good thing but when it comes to bronzers I think they need to be subtle and build -able rather than tango orange in one sweep! I will not be repurchasing!

So there you go, a few products that I'm loving and hating. What about you, any products that float your boat or are there any that sink it?'

Thank you for reading



  1. I really want to try the bottom lash mascara and I have a Boots Gift voucher so may get it after reading this.

    I don't get on with ELF myself so don't think I'll be repurchasing anything from them for a while ;)

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. Let me know what you think of it if you buy it. I don't think you'll be disappointed xx

  2. Wohaa!!!! Im tempted by Elf Bronzer Duo and RT Brushes <3 They are fab for sure xxx

  3. Love real techniques brushes x

  4. Wow that is a dark bronzer!! xx

  5. Such a dark bronzer, it might really be great for my skin though.

    1. It's not very expensive so is worth a try, it's just way too dark for me 😔

  6. I have the same elf blush duo.. and mine isnt that dark.. I am really pale and i use it quite often


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