Sunday, 28 April 2013


If you have long hair there's nothing better than being able to put it up and experiment with different styles and looks. How about using hair bands that can jazz up your hair as well as being able to use it as a fashionable bracelet.
I was lucky enough to try out the new hair ties from Popband.*

" Vibrant, fun and funky head gear that will make any girl sparkle and shine, our soft and stretchy "no dent" Popbands will hold your hair up tight and still leave it fresh and kink-free when you take it down again."

I really like the idea of using a hair tie that wouldn't dent my hair. I have hair extensions that I need to tie up at night and there is nothing worse than waking up and having to re-straighten your hair because you have a band mark running round it.

They come in lots of different colours and styles. I especially like the ties with jewels on, very pretty and can jazz up a simple ponytail with ease!

They also do headbands which are great for working out, to use in the summer to get all the hair off your face and for applying your make up. Because of the soft elastic they are super comfortable to wear, I find some headbands give me headache when they are too tight.

You can also wear them as bracelets. Fab for easily putting up your hair up during the day when your on the go.

The Jewelled Popbands start at £4

Twin packs of  hair tie and head band are £6

Multipacks £6

I think these are a fantastic idea, combining hair care and fashion all in one step. I especially think they would be really good for children, the super soft material means that they are not going to snap or damage the hair and I think the vibrate colours and jewels will really appeal to them.
If I had to sum these up in one sentence it would be....Funky hair ties that care for you barnet and make a great fashion accessory.
All these can be brought from
Special offer to all Facebook fans, spend over £20 and use code FB5OFF20 to recieve £5 off your purchase.!/LoveThePopband?fref=ts

What do you think of these funky hair ties? 

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  1. I love mine too xx

  2. Love this idea and the fact that they do wristbands too - will definitely have to try them!

    Love your blog, following you!

    Alara x

  3. Great idea, am always loosing my hairbands due to wearing them on my wrist and then they get too tight so I take them off.

  4. I love these!! Thank you for sharing!

  5. these look great! I got something similar in Joliebox I think x


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