Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Luxbox March 2013

This months Luxbox* has a back to nature theme, all products are organic and completely natural.

This month their are 6 items in the box, two of which are full sized.

Dr Hauschka Neem nail oil pen. £15.95 for 4ml. Full sized item.

This nail oil pen is made from the anti fungal neem leaf which encourages the growth of strong nails, and softens cuticles. The unique design sees a pen like tip the delivers the right amount of product to the nail and a lid that is designed to push back cuticles. Ideal for your handbag and travelling.

Weleda Almond Soothing cleansing lotion. £9.95 for 75ml. This is a 10 ml sample.

The cream like cleanser is designed for sensitive and dry skin. Made from almond oil it's to be use morning and night with a damp cotton bud. One thing a like about this already is the smell, it smells like Amaretto!! Yummy! :)

Weleda Wild rise smoothing night cream. £14.95 for 30ml. This is a 5ml sample

This is a best selling night cream that is made from wild musk rose, rich in fatty acids it helps prevent fine lines as well as nourishing and protecting the skin. It sounds wonderful ( any thing to stop the signs of ageing) but I really don't like the rose smell in cosmetics, it reminds me of my nan!

Beyond Organic firming Eye Cream. £9.60 for 7ml. This is a full size product.

This award winning cream reduces puffiness and is proven to combat the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area. I have never heard of this make before and from the signs of it it has a lot to live up to!

Dr Hauschka Hand cream. £12.95 for 50ml. This is a 2.5ml sample

Another product from the Dr Hauschka brand, this is meant to be the perfect partner to the Neem nail oil. Special Bryophyllum extracts hydrate and regenerate the skin while special oils and waxes protect and soothe our hands. This remarkable, non-greasy cream is beneficial for all, especially those with dry skin or those who work in harsh environmental conditions.

Dr Bronner Magic liquid soap. £8.49 for 473ml. This is a 59ml sample.
This soap is made from organic oils including coconut, olive jojoba and hemp. These together have made a soap that cleans without being aggressive and leaves the skin silky soft. It comes in 5 different scents, citrus, peppermint, rose, almond and the one I have lavender. This product sounds good, buy me being me I also hate the smell! I know lots of people love the smell of lavender but I'm not one of them.      

Now I'm being honest here, but I'm not too bothered about organic and natural skincare and make up products. To me its an added bonus if I really like something, but I don't go out of my way to find them. Please don't judge me, I know this box will appeal to many,  that are looking to try a natural alternative to their skincare routine.  .                                                                                         
What did you think to your Luxbox?                                                                                                      
Thank you for reading
 * Post Contains PR Sample 


  1. Im glad i didnt get a Luxbox :(
    For the items that you got it looks good value for money, but alas, nothing that wants me to run out and buy -but im thinking its the same with most of the Beauty Boxes atm...think they need to do something to keep us Aholics interested :(
    Were you happy with it?

  2. This looks a great box! I'd use everything in it x

  3. I love this box it looks fab xx

  4. What an amazing box! Totally need to sign up to luxbox xxxx

  5. Not my cup of tea and glad I unsubbed
    Great review though x


  6. I quite like the sound of these products especially the nail pen :) my nails are a mess at the moment! I've heard great things about Waleeda too xx


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