Sunday, 12 May 2013

NOTD - Models Own Apple Pie

Since having my gel nails taken off I'm loving trying out differnt colours of polish. This years spring/summer collection sees some gorgeous pastel shades, something that I normally steer away from. I love my dark colours so this is all new to me, and I'm liking it!

Models Own Apple Pie £5 - Boots

I'm loving this minty green shade, I applied 3 coats and to be honest I think it needs another. I think it would look perfect on freshly pedicured toes with a golden tan.

If any of you have a Sally's or Sally express hairdressing and beauty wholesales near you I would really recommend this nail oil. It dries your polish instantly and when I say instantly I mean instantly. When I've painted my nails I wait a few minutes and apply this to my cuticles and then wipe it over on nails and they are then touch proof. It has a wonderful smell as well, marzipan, lush!

Do you like the pastel colours that are around at the moment?

Thank you for reading


  1. Love the colour xx

  2. I love this sort of colour, perfect for spring. That nail oil is awesome too xx

    1. It's so good, dries your polish in seconds! It's brilliant if you only have 5 mins to paint them, smells gorgeous too! Xx


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