Monday, 11 November 2013

The Importance of Eyebrows- How to Achieve HD Brows at home. #2 Waxingand Eyebrow Maintainace

Today's post continues the series on "How to Achieve HD Brows at Home". In my last post you saw how to tint your brows, if you missed it, the post can be found here. Today is all about shaping them and keeping them in tip top condition. Below is everything you will need:-
 *Ready to use wax Strips ( ones featured are available from boots here priced at £6.52)
*Comb or wand

I find this brand and type the easiest to use, I've tried others but these really are fool proof. You simply pull the strips apart so you have 2 pre waxed strips.

 *Place them on your brow, I always start in the inner corner.
*Rub them firmly on to the skin, ensuring they are in place, this will also warm up the wax strip.
* Pull it off in the opposite direction in which the hair grows, holding your skin taunt as you do so, this will make pulling the strip easier and less painful.
*Continue this process on the next sections...
*Any hairs that are left over can be plucked out using tweezers.
*The next step is to trim them. Trimming stray hairs will clean up your brows, making them look more structured and neater.
*To trim them simply brush your brows using a comb or wand, brush them upwards and trim any hairs that extend above the shape of your brow. Do the same on the bottom by combing them downwards and then trim off any excess hair. (FYI, small nail scissors are best, no one wants to be poked in the eye with massive kitchen scissors!!)
Before and after
Before tinting and waxing, and then after
 As you can see already the brows are starting to take shape. The next stage is defining and filling in any sparse areas that are there. This will be featured in my next post.

Thank you for reading, please feel free to leave a comment with any questions you may have. If you already wax and do your own eyebrows at home I would love to know any tips and tricks you have found to get the perfect brow.



  1. Thanks for this post Lou, I had HD brows done professionally and they lasted four days, I was disgusted! I will be trying your technique myself, wish me luck :)

    Fiona @


  2. Those wax strips look really good. These are fab posts, loving them xx

  3. Great post! I've never tried waxing my brows, I've always been too scared, but I think I'm going to give it a go now.

    Jess xo

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  5. really good methods here, very helpful thank you :)
    Cant wait to follow and see more!

  6. Hi! I've nominated you for the Leibster Award, go to my blog to see the details :)


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