Sunday, 5 May 2013

Xen Tan, Moroccan Tan

So the sun has finally made an appearance here in England!! Yayyy, and that means one thing... Tan!! It's time to show a bit more flesh so a have been trying out the new Moroccan tan from Xen tan.

This self tan contains Moroccan oil, and we all know how good it is from using it on our hair and body, so how does it fare in a self tanner?
What Xen Tan say....
  • Ultimate product for a beautiful dark, dark tan
  • Thin and silky textured dark formula which is easier to glide onto skin
  • Silky moisturising feel
  • Precious Argan Oil keeps tanned skin hydrated
  • Contains collagen boosting peptides
  • Scented with tropical scent
  • Paraben-free - ideal for face and body
  • Suitable for all skins types

  • First thing I noticed was the thick dark consistency. I wouldn't say it was a cream nor a gel formulation but I mixture of both. I applied with a mitt and the dark colour guide means you can see where your putting it instantly. I found the consistency a little hard to work with but managed to blend it in with some vigorous rubbing. The colour at first can be a little daunting as it is very dark, but I could already tell that it wasn't going to be orangey. The smell is lovely and reminds me of fruity coconut, a lush holiday type aroma that takes you back to laying on the bleach.
    After sleeping with it on and washing it off in the morning you are left with a subtle golden glow which is very natural and not at all as scary as first applied. I could really tell that the Moroccan oil was working on my skin, it felt very moisturised and silky soft. The tan can be built up over a number of days for a more Bronzed look.
    Before, during and after applying the tan.
    The photo's don't really do the tan justice as I felt I looked alot more bronzed than the "after" picture shows

    One thing I did like was the way it wore off on my skin. It didn't go patchy or streaky like some do and lasted a least 4-5 days before I felt that I needed to do it again. One thing I will say that if your new to tanning this may not be the best product to try straight away, due to the fact that its not very easy to apply, I would recommend trying a mousse or spray formulae to begin with.

    Dries quickly.
    Dark colour guide.
    After washing off, not streaky or patchy.
    Light golden colour after first use.
    Coconut holiday smell.
    Skin felt moisturised and soft.

    Hard to rub in and blend.

    This can be purchased from for £24.99 for 148ml, it can also be purchased from for £19.99

    Have you tried this tan? What did you think of it?
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    1. I am convinced I would end up looking like an oompa Loompa xx

    2. It has given a nice streak free finish! I always find that fake tan makes me sweat though!

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