Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Beauty Box Swap

A little over a month ago Kat from Tales of a Pale Face conducted a summer beauty box swap, if you have never heard or taken part in one of these before, its when you and a partner ( normally someone you have never met) agree on a budget and buy make up and beauty related item for them. The idea is that its a little surprise for you as you have no idea what the other person is getting for you, and also gives you a chance to try brands that you wouldn't normally buy. It's great fun buying for the other person and hoping they like what you have picked out for them.
I love taking apart in swap boxes so I put my name down straight away, Kat then emailed me with a partner that she had picked out and I was teamed up with the gorgeous and lovely Hannah from Midnight Violets. We agreed on a budget which was £20 and we told each other items that we liked and didn't like.

Today the parcel came and this is what I got.....

All my goodies beautifully wrapped

Some lovely samples

I was like a child at Christmas unwrapping the cute parcels which Hannah had picked out for me, I must say she did really well!

The first item I unwrapped was a Collection 2000 Cream Puff in "Fairy Cakes 3". This is  a gorgeous burnt orange coral with fantastic pigmentation, I think it is a little similar to the Rimmel Apocolips in formula and colour pay off. I'm super happy with this colour, as you all must know by now I LOVE coral so this is right up by street!

Next up is 17's Mirror Shine lipstick in "Belle". The colour in the bullet looks quite dark but comes out like a sheer rose colour which is so pretty! The lipstick has a cute little mirror in the packaging which I thought was such a good idea.

Another lip product that Hannah picked for me was the MUA Power Pout in "Runway". This again is a colour I would pick out myself so she has done really well there. A organgey red tinted lip balm which is hydrating and well pigmented. It was a lovely minty taste and smell to it which I love.

Staying on the lip theme Hannah also gave me a lip balm in Cherry Blossom from Figs and Rouge. This smells divine and has a slight raspberry tint to it. Its 100% natural and really moisturising.

Left to right- Barry M Eyeshadow pencil, 17 lipstick in "Belle", MUA Power Pout in "Runway" and Collection 2000 Cream Puff in "Fairy Cakes 3"

The next three items are my absolute favourite's. The fourth package was a Barry M eyeshadow pencil, this is such a gorgeous, well pigmented and super shiny metallic gold, I LOVE it and can't wait to use it! It is just stunning!

Hannah commented on how much I love blushers and picked me out two to try. The first one was her all time favourite blush from Natural Collection in "Blushed Cheeks". A dusky rose in a matte formulation, its not a colour I would normally go for ( because you know how much I love my coral) but I'm excited to try it, its not too pink and has a slight burnt organge undertone.

The next blush was one that I was so excited about,  I've heard so much about the brand and have never tried anything from them. Hannah got me a Topshop cream blush in "Head Over Heels". Yes you've guessed it a fabulous, gorgeous bright coral!!! YAYYY!
OMG I love this colour so much, I even had to put my finger in it before taking any photos which is a big blogger No No, but I don't care I just had to swatch it straight away! I know I'm going to love it!

Left to right- Topshop "Head over Heels" and Natural Collection "Blushed Cheeks"

Thank you so much Hannah for this fantastic box swap, you got everything spot on. I am going to have so much fun trying these all out!

Hannah included this lovely note!
What do you think of my swap box?
Have you ever taken part in one before?
Let me know what you think and head over to Hannah's page  to see what I got her!
Thank you for reading


  1. this is such a great idea! you got some erally nice treats from Hannah! i will have to get myself into Topshop to try out their makeup i have read some good reviews on them so far.


    1. It's great isn't it, so much fun to do. This is my first item from Topshop, but I think I'll be purchasing more! :)

  2. What a lovely swap xx

  3. You won't be disappointed with the topshop blush! It's my all time favourite! Doesn't tend to last very long on my skin though for some reason :(

    Emily @ xx

  4. awesome stuff, love doing this! :)

  5. i really want to do a beauty swap! just found your blog, ive followed you on blogger and bloglovin :) xx

  6. Adorable makeup ;)

    I would like to personally invite you to join my GIVEAWAY!!! :)
    Please join my giveaway :

    I hope you'll join my giveaway, I really need your entries & it's really make me sooo happy! Good luck :)

  7. I love the little clues on each thing, so sweet! xx

  8. looks awesome

  9. love your blog hun!
    could you please check out mine?

  10. Box swaps look so fun! They are such a great way to try products you may not pick for yourself, and who doesn't love opening presents? :)

    Hannah x


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