Sunday, 16 June 2013

Summer Lipsticks, ( Featuring Mac and Revlon Swatches)

Summer has finally arrived in the UK, (well sort of ) so what better time to share with you my favourite summer lipstick shades.

I'm loving pink and coral shades at the moment so you may see a slight pattern occur!

Now this may surprise a few of you, but I did not ( until recently) own any MAC lipsticks! So after a long hunt through all their different shades I picked three to start off my collection.

Left to Right - Mac Vegas Volt, Revlon Lovers Coral, Mac Impassioned, Mac Full speed

From top to bottom, Mac -Vegas Volt, Revlon - Lovers Coral, Mac- Impassioned, Mac- Full Speed

Mac - Impassioned

A bright pink lipstick that adds a pop of colour to your lips. A cool pink with a slight coral tone brightens up any look and great for going out.

Mac -  Full Speed
A gorgeous coral with pink and orange under tones. I love this because it is so wearable and warms up your skin tone. Looks fantastic with a tan and a must have shade for summer

Revlon - Lovers Coral 825

A sheer pinky coral that adds a slight tint to the lips. I love this on days where I want a subtle shot of colour without going for a nude. Its my lips on a good day sort of colour.

Mac  -Vegas Volt

This is a true coral shade with orange being the man undertone and cooled down to a wearable shade, with a hint of cool pink. This looks fab with a subtle eye and bronzed cheeks.

What are your favourite summer lipsticks?

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  1. I see a lot of Mac lipsticks in a lot of blogs these days... I think I should get one :P

    +1 your post and Following you via GFC, hope you follow back as well. :P

  2. Great post!

    I used MAC's Watch Me Simmer for the first time today and love it! It's probably somewhere between Impassioned and Vegas Volt - bright pinky orangey summery goodness!

    Rebecca x
    Thanks for your link on Twitter!

    1. I wanted that one but it was limited edition so I can't get it :(

  3. Love MAC Impassioned! Fab lipsticks x

  4. I have just bought MAC Impassioned as a little birthday present for myself and I love it it's a fab colour and perfect for me at the moment. This is only my second MAC lipstick, I did have Please Me but it was just too subtle for my liking at the moment and I had something similar already so I sold it on to buy Impassioned x

    Becky @

  5. I love MAC impassioned! Defiantly one of my MAC top 5 lipsticks! I also love MAC chatterbox!

  6. Those are gorgeous colours. I'm really really loving coral/orange shades at the moment - The revlon lip butter in tutti fruity is an absolute favourite. My blog swap partner sent me two gorgeous coral lip products, too, Revlon gloss in kissing coral and one of the max factor lip crayons in subtle coral - I Love them.

    (that's where I'm following from, by the way, I'm doing the blog swap organised by tales of a pale face and wanting to see what lovely posts others do too as we really enjoyed doing ours)

    1. A girl after my own heart, I love coral and have a slight obsession which you'll see in my next post! Lol
      We're posting our boxes out Monday so I'll put a post up when I receive it. It's so exciting and I hope she likes what I got her. Our budget was the same as yours and I've managed to pick up a few bargains! :)

  7. I haven’t tried this personally but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. I love full speed the best. Defiantly your newest fan now xx

  8. TheACfull speed shade looks lovely!! Grear post.

    New followers here hope u will check us ou at
    L x


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