Monday, 26 August 2013

Guest post from Charlotte Christmas. Top 5 Red Nail Polishes

Hey everyone, I’m Charlotte from the blog,  CharlotteChristmas and the lovely Louise has kindly allowed me to write a post for her blog. Ever since I have been reading Louise’s blog, I have been an avid fan. I thought that I’d do a roundup of my favourite red nail polishes.

From as far as I can remember, red nail polish has been one of my favourite colours to purchase. There's something about red nail polish that makes me feel sophisticated and a little more ladylike. Some people could argue that red nail polish is for Autumn/Winter time, but I beg to defer, red is an all-year colour, however the intensity of the shade could determine whether it's for Winter/Summer. Believe it or not, pink has not touched my tips for weeks now; so welcome the rooster red nail polish crop...

Maybelline 'Candy Apple': deep, and highly pigmented, with a creamy, thick consistency. This colour brings an instant seasonal update to your tips. With the glossy, gelly finish, it's chip-free for 3-4 days. The brush allows a professional and precise finish.

Models Own 'Red Alert': With the thick consistency, one coat is all you need. I prefer to use two as it makes the colour a tad bolder. The brush is very good as it applies a good amount of product onto your nails which also means that there are no streaks on the nails.

Maybelline 'Power Red': If you want your nails to be a bold feature of your attire, this is an amazing colour to use as the colour is so bright and powerful as the name suggests). The product has a lovely glossy finish and this shade is an amazing colour for summer as it is beautifully bright.

OPI 'Red Lights Ahead...Where': This is a very bright coral. This is a great colour for Spring/Summer as it's considerably bright and is insanely glossy at the finish. For a deeper opacity, you could apply three coats. This is a perfect summertime shade to highlight tanned skin and is a dream to apply.

Essie 'Hip Anema': They say 'be true to yourself' and this nail polish is true to red. This is the ultimate spring colour. The application is amazing and applies like a dream! 

I hope you enjoyed this post...which colour is your favourite?


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    1. I don't really wear red nails and I think I should because all these colours look gorgeous! Xxx


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