Monday, 25 November 2013

illummi Eyebrow Pallet

illummi Eyebrow Pallet £25.00* available from Nail and Lash Boutique

If you ask anyone that knows me they will tell you that I'm obsessed with eyebrows! I know it's a weird obsession to have, but I love them! They can alter and change any make up look, giving a more polished appearance while framing the face adding definition and structure.
The Four Colour Eyebrow Pallet from illummi is a great product for anyone wanting to fill in their brows. The kit contains four shadows, a small angled brush with smudger, and 5 stencils, varying in shape and thickness. The swatch above is of all the powders included,
  1. A cool toned light brown, ideal for blonde hair or a pale skintone.
  2. A medium brown with cool under tones, ideal for dark blonde - medium brown hair.
  3. A warm toned medium brown, ideal for people with red undertones in their hair.
  4. A dark charcoal brown, ideal for dark brown or black hair.
(Obviously my brows are too thick for some of the stencils, but I wanted to give you an idea of the shapes that are included)
            1. Natural brow colour and shape.
2. Stencil 1 using shade 1.
3. Stencil 2 using shade 2.
4. Stencil 3 using shade 3.
5. Stencil 4 using shade 4.
6. Stencil 5 using shade 2.
The pallet is light and compact, making it handy for travel and storage. The powders are not too overly pigmented, in some cases this is a bad point but in this case it's a positive. The powders can be worn sheer for a subtle defined eyebrow look or built up for a more dramatic bolder look, giving first time wearers a chance to experiment with the colours to find the perfect shade match for their brows.
The powders can be mixed together to customise a shade best suited to you and can also be worn as eyeshadows. The angled brush is used for applying the powders when using the stencils and the smudger can be used when using the powders as eyeshadows, the perfect tool to create a smokey eye.
The stencils themselves are flexible enough to mould around the shape of your brow bone and sturdy enough to hold in place when applying the powder. Always remember to swipe the stencil clean before moving on to the next brow or you might end up with powder on your forehead... not a good look! lol 
It's recommended to use the powder before moisturising and applying make up, ever the rebel that I am I used it after! There was a slight product fall out, nothing major but I think this is manly due to the soft brush rather than the powder itself. It was easily wiped off with a brush and it left no marks on my skin.

Having used all 5 stencils I can't believe how easy they are to use, all you need are two hands and some brows and you're ready to go! Fantastic for people unsure of filling in their brows themselves and perfect if you are in a hurry and want perfectly matching eyebrows in seconds. The colour choice is really good, a shade to suit almost everyone and easily blendable when used as an eyeshadow. This would be a great addition to any ones make up collection.
Check out illummi's Facebook page for more products as well as stockists. 


  1. Great shadow! I love this palette ;-)

    Viky --- MySecretFashionPoison

  2. This is really lovely, I like the second shade a lot x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. The shade range is really good, one to suit everyone. :) xx


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