Monday, 13 January 2014

Review and Swatches || Dior ~ Diorific, Minuit and Ange Bleu.

Ange Bleu
             Left - Minuit              Right Ange Bleu
Dior, Diorific Minuit and Ange Blue
Top Minuit, Bottom Ange Bleu, both £26.00
While shopping for Christmas presents this year I came across these beauties and after seeing a review on Stacey's blog (Expat Makeup Addict ) I decided that I needed to get them!
First of all can we just sit back and admire the packaging of these lipsticks for a minute..... They're amazing and stunning in their own right, definitely a talking point when you get these out of your handbag to re-apply!
Minuit from the Diorific Golden Winter Collection is a raspberry red with flecks of purple shimmer running through it. A stunning shade which verges on the matte/silk scale, long wearing and non drying which delivers a fantastic opaque lip colour, a simply stunning shade.
Ange Bleu is from the Diorific standard line, a true red shade, not too blue toned or too pink, just perfect in my opinion. A bold and classic red in a semi matte finish with fantastic longevity. When first applied the lipstick glides on creamy in a more satin finish and then mattes down after a few minutes to deliver long lasting lip colour that is no way as drying as most matte lipsticks. The perfect Christmas shade and for anyone that like a strong lip colour.
What do you think to these stunning and swanky lipsticks?


  1. Ah the packaging is seriously stunning! Old school glamour - I love them! They're both such gorgeous shades.. I can't believe I've not seen any reviews on these til yours, they're beautiful!!! xx
    Gem //

    1. They're are lovely. I couldn't decided between the two shades so just HAD to get both! lol

  2. These are gorgeous! Definitely will make a statement :-) Love the packaging too.

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. The packaging is "amazeballs" as some might say! Just stunning! xx

  3. These look great on you
    Love the packaging as well xx

  4. Oh my they are beautiful, I am a total Dior convert with lipsticks x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  5. They both look gorgeous on you. The packaging is ridiculously stunning! xxx

  6. They look divine! I'm going to make sure I purchase some Dior and Chanel in America when I go there in May, It's so much cheaper then Australia!

    Natasa Stankovic xx


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