Friday, 21 February 2014

Brand Focus || Origins

origins skincare range

Origins has been a brand that I have been trying out lately. One that has had great coverage and 5 star reviews. But do all the products really live up to the hype?

Brand ethics..
Origins pride themselves on using only 100% organic natural ingredients and essential oils in all their make up and skincare lines. All products are free from parabens and mineral oils. They source and manufacture their products using only earth friendly practises and renewable resources.

I think its fair to say that this is a brand that really cares about their products, only wanting the best ingredients to sell onto us (the consumer).

Origins Gin Zing Energy Moisturiser (£23.00) contains ginseng and coffee beans to awaken and hydrate the skin.
The cream is a light, almost gel like in consistency and has a gorgeous zesty orange aroma which is refreshing and up lifting in the mornings. For my combination skin I find the cream delivers just the right amount of hydration without leaving it feeling greasy or overloaded. As a moisturiser it does the trick but I think dryer skin types may need something a bit more nourishing to really feel any benefit. 
Gin Zing Eye Cream (£23.00 full size) contains the same key ingredients that are in the moisturiser, ginseng and coffee beans. The cream is designed to de-puff and brighten the under eye area.
I find the iridescent formula does highlight the under eye area slightly. As an eye cream goes it's nice, It doesn't get rid of dark circles completely, just makes them look a little better, and of course you still need to use concealer and all jazz after.
I don't really suffer with puffy eyes ( unless of course I have been watching a soppy rom-com) so I can't comment on whether it actually works at reducing this. It does hydrate the area enough for daytime use without leaving them greasy, so your make up doesn't slide off, but for night time I like to use something heavier and richer.

High-Potency Night-a-Mins (£34.00) contains vitamin's, minerals and moisture rich replenishers to aide dull and tired skin.
I love this night cream, the consistency is a lot thicker than the Gin Zing moisturiser but not heavy at all. When applied at night the cream is absorbed within minutes, leaving the skin feeling velvety soft and not greasy at all. When I have this on I find myself touching my skin frequently, in ore of how soft it is. This is definitely a product I think I will continue to use. For someone that was scared of heavy rich creams I was surprises that a) it didn't break me out and b) how light and non greasy it is.  A definite winner in my book!

A Perfect World for Eyes (£28.50) is a firming moisture treatment containing white tea and white birch extract which helps to reduce dark circles and new wrinkles from forming.
I use this serum at night as a way of fighting the early signs of ageing. The light moisturising formula is delivered in the form of a thick serum which hydrates the area around the eyes, taking just a few minutes to sink in, leaving the under eye area moisturised. As with most eye creams and anti ageing products its hard to judge whether they're actually working or not. I haven't aged in the last 3 months, so you could say its working, but does it really reduce wrinkles and lines from forming.....only time will tell!

Super Spot Remover (£14.00) needs no introduction on my blog. Regular readers will know I love this, my holy grail item at clearing up those pesky spots. This little marvel contains Salicylic Acid and Caffeine to help reduce redness and speed up the healing time of troublesome blemishes. It does exactly what its supposed it do and does it well.

Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask (£22.00 full size) contains hyaluronic acid, Avocado oil and mango butters designed to nourish the skin over night leaving it replenished and refreshed in the morning.
The rich cream smells gorgeous with a fruity fresh aroma and sinks in surprisingly quickly for a mask just leaving a slight residue on the skin. I've used this a number of times and was excited after reading such rave reviews on it. The cream does leave your skin moisturised but for someone like me with combination skin that has (I think) a good skincare routine I was left a little disappointed. I think this product has been hyped up so much I was excepting miracles when in fact its just a good moisturising treatment. If you've neglected your skin and suffer with dryness you'll properly see a lot more improvement than what I did. I  didn't see a significant difference but in the same breath it didn't overload or break me out. ..I think what I'm trying to say is I wasn't blown away by it,  it was just "ok".
I tend to use this on days when I'm feeling dehydrated, possibly when I've had too many wines the evening before. Its nice and makes my skin feel more nourished but it didn't do enough for me to want to  re-purchase when I've run out. Like I said if your skin is drier you'll probably notice more of a difference.

Ginger Rush Hydrating body cream ( £27.00 full size)  as the name suggests contains ginger, a rich warming cream that hydrates and moisturises.
The smell I think would be a love it or hate it kinda smell. If you love ginger then you'll like this, if not then this isn't the body cream for you. The scent is strong on first application but does mute down after some time. The cream is nice, it moisturises without feeling greasy or sticky and the smell that I thought was overpowering to begin with has grown on me. The fragrance is perfect for Autumn/winter but not something I would find myself reaching for in summer. If you want a treat and feel like spending some money then this is it, otherwise Soap and Glory Righteous Butter is just as good.

What are your thoughts on Origin products? Any that you think I should try next?


  1. Never used this brand personally but the wife definitely has the overnight mask and the Night-a-Mins product as well, she uses them every night, well one or the other.

  2. I love Origins skincare - need to try some of these! great post ♥

  3. I'm starting to really love Origins after using the Super Spot Remover, I can literally see spots reduce within an hour after using! I'm gunna try the Gin Zing Eye Cream I think:) Jealous of all your goodies! xx

  4. I've only tried a few of their products but I mostly really like the one's I have tried. I love the GinZing moisturiser for in the morning and after trying a sample of the overnight mask I love that as well but I'm still a little undecided on the Super Spot remover as it just doesn't wow me x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  5. Loved your detailed review! I just got some Origins stuff and it has done amazing things to my skin!


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