Friday, 14 February 2014

Review || Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush Duo in Acid and Trip.

Daniel Sandler watercolour blushes in Acid And Triip

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushes in Acid And Trip

Left- Trip    Right-Acid
In this post I'm stepping out of my comfort zone with blushes in terms of colours and textures. Like many people I tend to use powder blushers and the occasional cream, while sticking to "safe" colours, none that are too "in ya face" because lets face it no one wants to look like a clown, do they?

Daniel Sandler is a name and brand I have heard of quite a lot. He's famous for he's Watercolour blushes, a unique watery formula that is "easy to blend" and "buildable".
I have been wanting to try them for ages and when I saw a picture of he's latest limited edition colours I knew I just had to get them.
I know what you're thinking.... Those colours look really bright how on earth could you want them? To be fair you we're probably right, but I knew deep down that they weren't going to be as bright and  they would be great colours for spring/summer. (I tend to go for corals and last year I was really into oranges, so I knew I had to try these)
 A warm zesty orange, almost verging on neon if built up. Worn lightly the colour is more of a burnt peachy coral, very wearable and no way as scary as it looks in the bottle. You can see from the swatches above that it can be worn much stronger and vibrant if needed.

 A beautiful Barbie pink, again like Trip it can be worn a lot fuller when built up into a neon fuchsia pink or worn lightly for a rosey flush of colour.

The texture is that of water which does take some getting used to if like me you're a dab and swipe kinda girl. Applying these are actually really easy once you have the hang of it. I shake the bottle and drop a tiny bit onto my finger and then dab two or three dots onto my cheeks. I then use a stippling brush to blend the colour out. It does blend out really easily, almost like water you could say which is apt as the formula does resemble water in its consistency. Once blended the colour sheers down but you can build it up for a more dramatic look if needed.
The blush looks very natural on the skin and sinks in without the powdery residue which you can get with some powder or cream-powder blushes. As the blusher is sort of a stain the colour lasts a lot longer on me then normal blushes, it doesn't smudge or go patchy and looks great for the majority of the day. I tend to find other blushes only last a few hours on my combination skin so this is a major plus point for me.

These blushes come as a duo and are available for a limited time only. If you fancy giving them a try they are sold on the Daniel Sandler website,  £25.00 for both.

What do you think of these colours? Have you tried Daniels Watercolour Blushes before?


  1. I can't believe how nicely those colours come out once applied, Trip is amazing! I currently use the Chic watercolour blush which is like a warm, peachy buff colour, really nice :) Lovely blog hun x

    1. Thanks Hun. I'll definitely be looking out for more colours :) xx

  2. Looks beautiful on you! I have these two now (four in total!) and am lusting after Mayfair and Chelsea. I bet they last for absolutely ages as such a little goes a long way. It's amazing how easily they blend, I was worried they'd be like stains and if you didn't blend quickly enough it would leave too much in one place, but so not like that! xxx

    1. Thank you lovely, I think I'm converted and will have to buy some more! :P

  3. Both of these look really lovely on you Lou, I have a couple-must did them out!

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xxx

  4. Nice blusher

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