Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Highend vs Highstreet || Under Eye Concealer's

Soap and glory Kick Ass Concealer vs Bobbi Brown Corrector

Top - No product. Middle - Soap and Glory (light) £10.00. Bottom - Bobbi Brown (light bisque) £18.50

What is an under eye concealer? What makes it different from regular concealer's? A concealer that is dedicated to your under eye is normally more of a pink or peachy tone, this helps counteract the blue and purple tones that reside under our eyes (annoying I know!)

The two I have today is the Bobbi Brown Corrector and the Soap and Glory 'Kick Ass Concealer' ( major brownie points for the name).
One of my holy grail products happens to be the Bobbi Brown corrector so I was super excited to see how the Soap and Glory measured up against it, if not a little dubious that it could no way match my beloved Bobbi Brown.
Without getting into colour, texture and longevity I want to express that the soap and glory has not only the under eye corrector but a concealer and setting powder all included in the cute compact. The product retails for £10, £8.50  cheaper and offering a lot more for your buck.

You would have to have a serious eye impediment not to notice the similarities between the two, both correctors look identical in colour, verging on the pinky/peach tone. As you can see from the pictures above, both offer the same sort of finish concealing the dark circles and erasing them for your face. I was really impressed with the  Soap and Glory one, I wasn't expecting the finish to mirror the Bobbi Brown so well! If I were to be really critical I would say the Soap and Glory tends to be a little more patchy than Bobbi Brown, but nothing major and only because I have studied them both in fine detail.

As for texture, they're very similar again but there is a slight difference. The Bobbi Brown corrector is very dense and quite dry, this sounds like it would be a negative but it is in fact a positive for me. It means you only pick up a tiny bit on your finger, dabbing it under the eyes rather the wiping it, this means the cream tends to stay put and doesn't slide or separate under the eyes. The Soap and Glory is a lot wetter and thicker, meaning it does have a tendency to crease and not hang around for as long as it's opponent. Again I only notice this as I'm lining them up against each other, if I hadn't of tried the Bobbi Brown I would have thought the Soap and Glory was brilliant, and it is for the money, there's no denying that!
For me I have to say these are sisters not twins, but the family connection cannot be overlooked, the Soap and Glory is a fantastic dupe for the Bobbi Brown Corrector and one I would recommend to anyone to try. The reason Bobbi has the edge is it lasts longer, is less likely to crease and comes in a array of shades and tones. Soap and Glory only has two shades, light and medium and to be fair the light matched me really well but darker skin tones may find the shade range a struggle.

Final Thought
If you've always wanted to try the Bobbi Brown and the price has always put you off definitely try this, you can see how you get on using a  solid concealer as appose to the ones with a doe foot applicator without the fear of a call from your bank. If you don't really suffer from dark circles and just want to brighten the area I recommend Soap and Glory. If you find you do suffer from dark circles (or if you have kids, coz that will definitely cause circles, believe me!) I recommend the Bobbi Brown, (make sure you get colour matched at your local counter) purely because it covers a little better and lasts longer, its fool proof and does exactly was it says it will do and does it well!
*side note - I love the setting powder which comes with the Soap and Glory, I would buy it just for that!

Which one would be your choice?


  1. I've been on the hunt for a concealer for ages and i've read so many great things about this soap and glory one that i think im going to give it a try! i'd love it if youd check out my blog and comment back xx

    1. You should definitely give it a go, I think it's good especially for the price. :) xx

  2. I would like to try the soap & glory, BB just isn't in my price range, but I find every concealer I use does crease and go into my lines and I'm really conscious of it xx

    1. You could try using the setting powder that comes with it to stop
      It budging as much. Xx

  3. Which shades are you in both Lou? My BB corrector and the concealer/powder duo are almost empty so i've been toying with picking this up but i just haven't got the hype with S&G makeup so far so im not sure...
    p.s. your eyelashes!! Wow! xx

    Anna | On The Dressing Table

    1. Hi lovely, I'm 'Light' in SG and 'light bisque' in Bobbi brown. I've only tried 2 products from SG, this and the archery brow pen ( which I think is really good). :)
      ps. I have eyelash extensions, can't live without them! lol ;p xx

  4. For those on a budget, check out Pixi Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach. $12USA. It's a glass jar. There is no setting powder but it performs REALLY nicely under the eyes!! Or check out Sonia Kashuk Hidden Angenda Concealer Palette. It is a quad. You get 3 concealers (Light/Dark Peach, Redness corrector & a setting powder). This is about $11USA. Available at Target stores. I'm a fan of BB and like both of these a lot.


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