Friday, 21 March 2014

Most used Make-Up Brushes..

Prior to blogging the only make up brushes I owned were ones that came free with purchases. I cant actually recall ever buying any, and my eye shadow was applied with flat cotton buds, I know please don't judge me! **cringe**
Thankfully I have closed that chapter and now use an array of brushes, all designed to be used on various parts of the face and here are the ones I use most often...

Face Brushes

Real Techniques Powder Brush - is what I use for, you guessed it... powder! I use this with my all over face powders like my Rimmel Stay Matte or my Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder. I find it picks up just the right amount of product, distributing the product evenly and the soft bristles mean it doesn't disrupt my foundation too much as well.
Nanshy Pointed Foundation brush* - I don't use this for foundation but for use with cream products for contouring and bronzing. The brush is quite dense with makes it ideal for buffing the products into the skin delivering a seamless and polished finish. The only down side I've found is that the handle has come loose, not sure if I have a faulty one or I was a bit overzealous when washing! :/
Real Techniques Buffing Brush - this is the brush I use for applying my foundation. I love it and it works like a charm to achieve a flawless finish. The brush is dense but at the same time soft and pliable making it easy to work the foundation into the skin
Real Techniques Stippling Brush - this brush is fantastic to use with cream blushes and this is manly what I use it for. I find the flat top is perfect to picking up just the right amount of product and it can be applied lightly in a stippling motion or buffed in for a more sheer look.
Real Techniques Blush Brush - This isn't just a blush brush, I use it for of course blushes but also for spot powdering, bronzer and the pointed end makes it a ideal for light contouring. A good all rounder brush to have. 
Real Techniques Contour Brush  - This is another brush which I use in different ways. The first is how its supposed to be used, as a contour brush which it does really well, the brush neatly snuggles into the hollows of your cheeks perfectly delivering just the right amount of product and blending it out seamlessly. The other use for this brush is to use it to set my under-eye concealer, the brush is the perfect size for this and doesn't hold on to too much powder, avoiding over loading the area.

Eye Brushes

Nanshy Large Shader Brush* - I use this to apply eyeshadow under my eyes. It doesn't pick up too much product and blends it in really easily and it the perfect shape and size for nestling into the lower lash line.  
Mac 239 - I use this to apply my eyeshadow onto my lids. Its great at packing on the colour for both pressed and loose eyeshadows. I find I get less fall out when using this, which is why I love it so much.
Nanshy Blending Brush* -  I use this to blend eyeshadow through my crease to create a softer transition between the colours. A must have brush for blending out a smokey eye.
Nanshy Crease Brush* - This brush is perfect for creating definition around the crease and socket line of your eye. The brush is soft but firm, essential for a defined crease.
Mac 263 - I use this for my eyebrows, its the perfect shape. I haven't used it to apply gel eyeliner but I'm sure it would work just as good for that also.

What are your favourite brushes to use? Any more suggestions?


  1. I have so many of these bushes and love them! Really want to try the nanshy face brushes because I love their eye ones

    Katy xx

    1. The nanshy brush I have for the face is really good, great at really blending the product into the skin xx

  2. Ooh I loved reading this post, never thought of using the stippling brush x

  3. Oh that MAC brush does look great for brows..... I love Crownbrushes, I can't get enough of them, they're such good quality for the price, they're Italian Badger range is my favourite, in particular the large fan, great for bronzer. Only recently got some RT brushes, but am enjoying them too xxxx

    1. I haven't tried any crown brushes, seen some great reviews but never actually bought any. I think I should get some, you can never have enough brushes can you!? lol :p xx

  4. Loved the detailed description dear. Thanks for sharing :)
    Greetings from:-


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