Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Sheer Cover Challenge || Make It Mineral

Sheer Cover Foundation
Sheer Cover Studio Deluxe Kit £29.99*in medium
Date: March 2014
Agent: 'LouLovesBeauty'
Code name:#makeitmineral
Commander: Sheer Cover
Mission: Your mission if you choose to accept it is to 'make it mineral' for one week. 7 days of wearing nothing but mineral make up from Sheer cover.
Do you accept the challenge?
This message will self destruct in 30 seconds....good luck!
Ok, slightly melodramatic there, but I have been set a challenge, and that challenge is to ditch my cream and liquid foundation, my bronzers and mascaras and wear nothing but Sheer Cover for the whole week (items like blusher, eyebrow products and make up not in the kit can be worn). Living life on the edge I welcomed this with open arms and set myself up for the challenge.

Seven days wearing Sheer Cover..
The concealer palette contains two concealers and an eye brightener, all of which are super creamy and really easy to blend, they don't cake or look heavy on the skin and deliver fantastic coverage. I like to use the lighter concealer under my eyes (I did find it creased a tiny bit, but nothing too bad that would put me off wearing it) and the darker shade on the rest of my face to conceal and hide any blemishes and discolouration.
I applied the concealer in two different ways to achieve two different finishes. For a light - medium coverage base I just applied the concealer on any discolouration I had and under my eyes, on days I wanted a full coverage look I applied it more like a foundation concentrated on the centre of my face and then blended it out before applying the powder.
Mineral Powder
The powder is finely milled and light making it feel weightless on the skin and almost like you're not wearing anything at all. The coverage I would say was light-medium on me but I found I could create a more full coverage look by applying more of the concealer as I stated above. The finish was not something I expected from a powder. It offers a satin finish and (unlike the matte finish I was expecting)  giving the skin a luminous glow, not in a sparkly or shimmery way but leaving it looking  healthy and lit from within, very unique and a pleasant surprise.
Bronzer and Highlight Powder
The bronzer is lovely and natural, adding warmth to the skin. I tend to use the darker shades to contour but you can swirl them all together if you like for a softer bronzed look. The lightest colour is a subtle highlight which adds a gentle sheen to the skin, again like the mineral powder its not glittery at all, just illuminates the skin making it appear radiant and healthy
The mascara is a two part system, a black lash lengthening mascara and a thickening fibre building mascara. You apply the black mascara as normal and then the fibres over the top finishing with another coat of the black. I couldn't really give this a proper test as I wear eyelash extensions, but I did use them on my bottom lashes and it seemed to work a treat. It lengthened and added thickness without making them look clumpy or spidery.
The results of the challenge...
As the week went on I found myself really enjoying the products. The stars of the show have to be the Concealer and Mineral Powder in my opinion as I thought they both worked beautifully together. I also found that if I contoured using a cream bronzer ( the Soleil Tan de Chanel or my Crown Brush contour kit) before applying the powder I achieved a natural and seamless finish which lasted all day and looked natural my skin, a technique I will definitely continue to use.
I'm glad I've found these products as my views now are a lot different than they were before using them. I thought that by using a powder foundation it would look cakey and too matte, making my skin look unnatural, but in fact it delivered the opposite. My skin felt like it could breath, the powder sat nice and evenly on my skin without settling into my pores or lines and it didn't feel weighed down which is sometimes does with heavy cream foundations.  I'm not saying that I'll never use a liquid foundation never again, I do like using them, but I now feel I have another option when it comes to foundations, an option that hasn't been on my radar until now.

Thank you to sheer cover for setting this challenge, I'm happy to say the mission is complete and I will definitely be using the Sheer Cover range in the future.
Have you tried Sheer Cover? What did you think of it? What are your thoughts on mineral foundations?


  1. this is such a good challenge! ive heard mineral foundations are supposed to be really good for your skin. id love it if youd check out my blog and comment back xx

  2. I have never tried Sheer Cover range, but funny enough I am in the process of writing a post for you about Younique minerals pigment powder. I was checking out your writing style to see if you will like what I have written.. :) Well, let's see what you think once it's done. Happy evening, Lou!
    Min x


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