Monday, 7 April 2014

Guest Post | NYX 'The Curved Liner'

NYX The Curved Liner review
 Hey ladies its Nikole from Naturally Informed here!
I'll be the first to admit my skill set is slim to none when it comes to eyeliner. And ladies...I've tried EVERYTHING. Pencil liner, liquid liner, tape, a genie in a bottle and nothing has worked. I had almost given up on my quest to be to be the queen of the liners (you know that girl who can do those elaborate designs and make it look easy) until I met "Her". And by "Her" I mean NYX The Curve Liner. My prayers had been answered.
I know I know you are probably snickering and thinking, "How in the world could a liner be so great?" Well, here are my thoughts. First off, I find eye looks to be one of the most challenging things to master when it comes to makeup. And to have your eyeliner look sloppy can take you from decent to tragic a matter of seconds. Thankfully there are tools like this out there to make our lives easier. No longer will you struggle to draw the perfect line. No fuss just smooth sailings. At the end of the day isn’t that what all beauty junkies strive for? Effortless/fun makeup looks?  

Curious about The Curve Liner? Well, here's the skinny...
Um what's not to love?! It fits comfortably in my hand and allows me to change my grip based on my liner width preference.
Then there is the cute yet sleek packaging. The curved design sets it apart from all the other liners in its class.
The cons are pretty much non existent. The only thing I will say stinks is that it's not easily accessible. I can't just run to my local drug store and purchase it unfortunately. But other than that it's AMAZZZZING!

$15.00/ £14.00
Where to buy, Ricky's, Target, Ulta, London-Bond St, London-Brent Cross, London-Westfield

Ease of application or User Friendly (on a scale from 1 easy-10 difficult)
Final Verdict
Love, love, love!! I would definitely recommend this to beginners and seasoned vets alike. This is the perfect liner to have in any collection. The next time I take a trip to my local Ricky's I'll be stocking up!
xoxo Nikole

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