Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Blogging and Gossiping.

This is a very different post from me today and one that I would love your input on. There's been a lot of negativity around the blogging community this week. If you're on social media you may have read something about a well known gossip site that decides to mock and pick to pieces bloggers work and more upsetting attacks them personally.
I don't think any blogger out there thought that by starting a blog it then gave people the right to publicly humiliate them. Just because our blogs are 'out there' doesn't mean that's  permission to have someone target you and attack you?... Does it? I write about beauty, not politics, not religion, or other sensitive matters, about beauty. About what mascara I like and the best face cream I've found, I'm not hurting anyone and neither are the thousand other bloggers out there. To me I find it hard to see the justification that warrants the abuse that some bloggers get!

Is No One Safe?

Does blogging about a subject automatically mean that I'm opening up the floodgates to attack? If I tweet something that others don't agree with does that also mean I can be attacked? We all know that if you're in the public eye the media will have a field day when you slip up, so does that also apply to social interaction on the Internet to non celebrities? I think the line between reading gossip about your favourite celebrities has crossed over into the 'normal' world. People aren't satisfied by just seeing stars falling off the waggon and reading about traumas in their personal life, people now want to attack everyone and anyone. We've all seen articles about cyber bulling and the effects it has on innocent people. How is what happens in a forum where people attack others ( some of whom they've  never met) any different from the cyber attacks we read about? Where does it end? Is no one safe anymore? Is freedom of speech being used in totally the wrong way?

Will it ever change?

I don't think for one second that the world is going to change, people WILL attack others,  but do we all do it on a daily basis and not know it? Most women (and men) like a gossip every now and then, but when that turns vindictive and nasty that's the time to stop (and most people do). Just think, in your own life would you attack someone as harsh as you do when you're on the Internet? Surly if someone irritated you so much you would confront them face to face? If you don't then you're a coward, and the same should be applied to the Internet world. If you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all!...and certainly don't use anonymity as a way of voicing your opinions! . Be real, if you dislike something at least has the decency to let the person know who is questioning them. Don't hide behind a user name. Own your opinions just like all the bloggers do on a daily basis on their blogs.
Focus on the positive

The blogging community on a whole is super friendly and there is always someone out there to chat with and ask for help if you need it. We can be the most supportive bunch of people around and I think many would agree with me on this. Lets not forget about the people that are kind and only want to support you. Like most things in life there is good and bad in everything and the most important thing is to not focus on the bad (a lot easier said then done I know!). Focus on the good parts and forget about the rest. Only care about the opinions of the people that matter, the people that know you. After all how can someone really cast their view on you unless they really know you?

What are your thoughts on the blogging community? Is it a case of a few people ruining it for the rest of us? Or is it now the case that we are all subject to attack and have suck it up and deal with it? Is a blog an open invitation to be the subject of ridicule?


  1. Just because you blog does not mean that people have the automatic right to attack you. No matter what you blog about, you deserve to be able to put your views across without being pilloried for it. I think the
    Blogging community is generally a happy and friendly one, for me twitter is a good place because I follow friendly people who like to interact with others. I don't think you should suck it up at all, if you don't have anything nice to say them shut your mouth! Great post Lou, I am glad to did post it as I am sure it will get people not just talking, but thinking too xx

  2. Great post Lou. Its such a shame they're are these kind of people out there who have nothing better to do. They are in all walks of life unfortunately we are just a little more open as we put ourselves out there, I wouldn't say we have to suck it up but more just ignore them. Maybe one day they will find an actually life of there own or at least something more constructive to do with their time. So I just say "SOD EM" !!! and we will carry on enjoying our little blogging community :)

  3. I totally agree, I can't believe sites like 'that one' are even allowed, it's just a load of nasty people making others feel bad.

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic

  4. I love this post!! All the bloggers that I talk to are so friendly but of course there are going to ones that put a negative on blogging and make peoples lives hard. I started blogging as a hobby and I love it. I don't take any notice of what people think and I'm going to carry on x

  5. fabulous post huny, I totally agree, there really is no need to be soo mean to others, if they dont like what your posting then unfollow unlike and click the crss at top of screen , no need to be rude or mean, x

  6. They are at the end of the day venomous cowards who hide behind the screen to pump out their jealousy, I hope it makes them feel better and I would be saddened to think anyone I knew or whose blog I followed was one of those who make continued vile comments x

  7. I hate gossip, on the internet or real life, it is such a negative energy and I can't tolerate it.
    Living in a small town with small minded people, all people around me want to slash each other gossiping and talking bad about other...they are so wrong
    Now on the internet it is easier just to block that person, and ignore them as much as you can...who needs that type of energy in their life?


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