Wednesday, 14 May 2014

First Impressions | Monu Brightening Boost Serum

Monu Brightening Boost is a serum designed to reduce sun damage and hyper pigmentation with an array of skim brightening ingredients. Vitamin C to reduce discolouration. Wild Yam extract to improve skin tone, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide 3 boosts collagen and reduces wrinkle depth, Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline has a lifting effect to the skin to help firm and protects elasticity and Anemarrhena extracts plumbs up the skin to reveal a more youthful complexion. With all the ingredients packaged into a 15ml tube I was excited to try it out.

"Suitable for all skin types, the Brightening Boost serum promises to revitalise the complexion, resulting in sheer luminosity and radiance.
Specially created to help smooth surface imperfections and plump the skin to result in a fresh and more youthful appearance.
The Brightening Boost is the ideal product to introduce into any skin care regime to combat signs of premature ageing and result in a brighter complexion and hydrated skin that feels comfortable and protected from morning to night". Monu

On initial inspection of the serum I saw it was designed for 'Mature, Damaged skin' (I may be in my 30's but I wouldn't say I had mature skin at all!), I thought it would be too heavy me and may even break me out or leave a greasy film on my skin. I'm happy to state that I saw non of this and was pleasantly surprised by the texture and formulation.
The serum is water based which means its light and leaves no oily or sticky residue. The serum is to be applied morning and evening under moisturiser and delivers an instant brightening effect to the skin, leaving it feeling silky soft and smooth to the touch. The smell has a faint citrus note to it which I imagine comes from the Vitamin C complex, it's very pleasant and refreshing which is brilliant for adding that much needed boost in the mornings. It also works brilliantly under make up giving a slight radiance to the skin under your foundation but nothing that will interfere with it at all or making it sit unevenly.

As you will know from a pervious post (here), I do suffer from pigmentation marks, the result of those pesky blemishes that seem to want to hang around, and as soon as I've corrected one area I seem to get more in another place thus resulting in more discolouration...very annoying!  I'm interested to see how this will work at reducing them and will report back in the future for an update.

Have you tried this out yet or any other products from Monu?

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  1. I would definitely try that, I've got some spot scars (nothing major but I find them annoying) and some sun spots that I want to get rid of. I'm trying Garnier Dark Spot corrector and a 30% vitamin c serum but it doesn't seem to de doing much xx


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