Friday, 23 May 2014

Review | Anastasia Dipbrow and Eyebrow Routine

Anastasia Dipbrow pomade review and application routine, how to

 Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade £15.00 from Cult Beauty
I've has some comments lately about my eyebrows and thought I would incorporate an eyebrow routine into one of my posts.  My eyebrows are not perfect by any means, they tend to be a little sparse and one eyebrow is a lot better then the other (I'm sure most of us have this problem! lol). But with the art of make up we can make them appear better than what they are whether you use a pencil, powder or just recently a pomade. The Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade is a gel mousse hybrid which I rediculourly pigmented. You only need the smallest amount to define and shape your brows. Because of it's unique formula I find that the mousse also tames the brows, as well as setting them in place without then need for a brow gel. Its comes in 5 different colours ranging from Blonde which I have to Ebony a rich dark brown perfect for black and really dark hair. Another thing that makes this a wonderful product is that the colour and intensity last all day without smudging or fading!
The products I use are.. obvisously the Dipbrow Pomade, a spooly, concealer, angled brush and a flat top eyeliner brush. 
1) Starting off with clean brows make sure to give them a good brush with the spooly, combing them up and across so all the hairs sit perfectly.

2) Using the angled brush lightly dip it to the product making sure to wipe off the excess so you don't overload the brows, I like to tap the brush into the lid and then use what's been tapped off if I need any more. Line the bottom of your eyebrows and follow the natural shape from inner corner to outer.

3) Like we I before, line the top of your brows, starting at the tail and working your way to the start. Try to leave the start of your brow mainly product free, I will slightly fill this in later.

4) Fill in the sections between the two lines your have made. By this point I still haven't used any more product and have just been using what's on the brush and my brows.

5) For the inner corner you just want to lightly brush up the hair and transfer any colour that's left on the brush, this will give them a slight gradient effect.

6) Your brow should look a little like this. Don't worry if it isn't neat, that's where the next step comes in!

7) This step is what really gives your brows more definition - to tidy up the edges and give a more polishes effect apply some concealer, tracing round the edges to really chisel out the shape you have created.

8) Blend the concealer out with a brush or your fingers and then comb through one last time to get rid of any excess product and to make sure they're set in place.
And there you have it! Defined brows using my favourite product at the moment, the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade.

What products do you use for your eyebrows? Do you use the Dipbrow Pomade? What are your thoughts on it?


  1. you don't need to powder it ?

    1. No, it stays in place all day without smudging. Once it's on it sets and doesn't move! lol xx

  2. I have purchased (same shade as you) but my Mac Omega is SO perfect for me I havent ventured into this yet!!

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xx

    1. I love this for the sheer fact that it lasts all day. It will be perfect for when the weather heats up! My eyebrows won't melt away in the heat now! lol ;p xx

  3. Wow, your eyebrows look totally natural after all that work! I have very thin eyebrows, I used to paint them many years ago, but now I somehow accepted that they are fine as they are… saves me a bit of time.. :)

    1. Haha, that's true. I just prefer mine when they're done, I never think my make up looks finished unless I've put them on! lol xx

  4. Great post Lou, you've done them so wonderfully. I use powder on mine as I'm too lazy to do this each day, but they look fantastic. Will be purchasing this when I'm out of my current product xx


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