Friday, 2 May 2014

Review | He-Shi Rapid 1 Hour Tan

He-Shi Rapid 1 Hour Tan review with before and after photots

When the weather warms up one thing that is certain is we all wish for a lovey golden tan, it makes us feel slimmer and generally better about ourselves. Having a sun kissed base can also mean we don't have to pile on the make up to make ourselves look remotely human, embracing the 'natural' look with the little help from some fake tan and fooling people that we just naturally look this good!

I don't limit my fake tan to just the warmer months I like to have a tan all year round but one thing I hate about the tanning process is that it needs to be worn for a good 8 hours which normally means applying it at night and sleeping in it. When sleeping with a tan on you don't want white sheets ( which I have!), my husband is used to sleeping next to a orange/brown stain now, but it still annoys me and means I have to change my sheets every time I apply my tan ( which can be a couple of times a week!).

Thanks to the He-Shi Rapid 1 Hour Tan release my laundry pile can now be dramatically reduced. The tan can be worn for 1 hour for a golden finish, 2 hours for a dark and 3-4 for an ultra dark shade  which means you can apply it during the day and wash it off in as little as 60minutes!.. Brilliant!
The fast drying formula contains 9% DHA ( Dihydroxyacetone, the active ingredient in all tanning products) Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera and Vitamins A&E which all help to hydrate the skin locking in moisture to improve the life of the tan and prolonging it for up to 10 days.
Left -The finished result after 4 hours developing and how the tan looked the next day.
Top Right- Before.
Bottom Right - After 4 hours and washed off
The tan is in the form of a liquid which rubs in really easily and comes with a colour guide which does look quite dark on the mitt but sheers down when applied in sweeping motions across the skin. Because of the fast drying formula you do have to work quickly with it to avoid streaks and is best used with a tanning mitt.  I found if you pour a bit of the liquid onto a mitt first and let it soak in for a second, then apply the tan it won't run off onto the floor and avoids the process of a mass clean up operation afterwards.

Once applied you're left with a subtle stain to the skin with a slight tacky feeling that fades after a few minutes. I like a dark tan so I left mine on for 4 hours. After 2 hours I noticed the colour guide was dramatically darker than when it was first applied but I decided to leave it and see how dark it would go.

The photo's above are taken in daylight and see the difference in my tan after 4 hours. To be honest they don't really show the true depth of colour that the tan delivered and I found that the next day when I woke the tan was darker still like it had continued to work even after it had been washed off (see photo above). The colour is a gorgeous deep bronzed shade which gave my skin a new lease of life. I also found the liquid to be lovely and hydrating, a surprise to me as I normally find that liquids and mousses tend to be quite drying on my skin.

One thing that I was super impressed with was how long it lasted. With every tan I wear I find it fades on my face really quickly as I exfoliate very day giving me maybe only 2 days wear out of it, but with this one it just stayed put and the same has to be said for the rest of my body. After 5 days the tan had faded by 30% of its original colour which is excellent in my opinion. I must have tried nearly every tanning product there is on the market and this one can not be faulted, I'm impressed, really impressed!! 
The tan releases in May and retails for £22.50 for 150ml which is a fair price as the tan will last ages as a little bit goes a long way, and is perfect for those last minute invitations when you need to add some colour into your skin, pronto!

What's your favourite rapid tan? Have you tried any other products for the He-Shi range? What do you think to this one?


  1. I love that this tan is a liquid - what a clever idea. My gelly tan tends to get a bit sticky and patchy sometimes :( And really gives you a gorgeous glow!

    Vicky | Lots of Love, Me.


    1. It's really good, very impressed! :) xx


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