Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Review |Lauren's Way Solution 60 Rapid Tan Mousse

Lauren's Way are the lasted tanning company to bring out a rapid tan - Solution 60. A tan that can bronze up your skin in as little as 60 minutes for a subtle golden glow or 3 hours for a more intense  tan.
The tan comes in the form of a mousse (also available in a spray) with a dark colour guide that allows you to see exactly where you're putting it. I think mousses are the easiest to apply as they glide on effortlessly with little to no mess.

"This express self-tan bronzing mousse develops into a gorgeous golden glow from just 60 minutes, allowing you to choose your shade. Apply with a mitt then leave the tan on for 60 minutes before showering for a light tan, 2-3 hours for a medium/dark tan. Solution 60 bronzing mousse is a velvety soft self tan formula which is easy to apply and can be used on face and body to provide a silky smooth glow" Laurens Way
As I do like a dark tan I left mine on for 3 hours and then showered it off. The mousse formula dries almost instantly which means you can get dressed straight away. Some may find this a little tricky as you do need to work very quickly with it. I found it best applied in small sections, (ie. the lower arm and then blended, then apply more mousse for the upper arm and so on) this meant I could quickly blend and buff the tan in without it drying and leaving it streaky. If you take your time and apply it probably the colour and finish is impeccable. So natural and golden, the tan didn't stick to dry patches or settle in to pores, it looked flawless on the skin.
The smell when first applied was fruity and a little herby reminding me of Pimms, not a bad smell if you ask me! lol  After some time it did turn a little musky but to be honest this doesn't really bother me as long as the tan is good, which it is!
Like every tan I try I always exfoliate prior to application ( a day or two before) and moisturise after the tan has been washed off for the coming days after, this means the tan wears off evenly, which it did lasting a good 5 days before I felt I needed to top it up ( like I said I do like a dark tan). If you like a subtle glow you would probably be happy with the tan for a good 7 days after and may only need to re-apply once every 7-10 days.  
I have also slept in this over night and the results where not so different then when left on of 3 hours in my opinion ( maybe a tad darker but nothing scary). The colour again was deep and bronzed with not a hint of orange in sight. Showing that if you don't like to wear it during the day or struggle to fit it in it can also work brilliantly used like conventional tanners, overnight.

The price of the tan is £19.95 and I think its well worth the money, the colour is great, it looks natural on the skin and wears off evenly too!.. Perfect!
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