Friday, 9 May 2014

Review | Soap and Glory Sunshield Superfluid

soap and glory make yourself youthful sunshield superfluid SPF50 review

With summer ever nearing and the promise of some sun on the horizon it's time to slap on some sunscreen, especially on our face! We all know the damage the sun can do to our skin and how it promotes premature ageing (something that I'm trying to stop as I am in my 30's!). One thing I hate about sunscreens are their thick and greasy consistency, especially when they're for the face. My skin in combination/oily and the thought of wearing something that heavy on my face under make up doesn't appeal to me at all! This brings me swiftly to the product and why I've purchased this!
Soap and Glory Sunshield Superfluid is SPF50, a high factor sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays promises to be "super lightweight" "transulant" and with a "imperceptible texture". I haven't tried any soap and Glory skincare products and thought as I needed something like this anyway is was a good place to start.

The bottle is very Chanel inspired and has a ball inside which needs to be shaken to thoroughly mix the product before application. Now, when I think of sunscreen especially high factor ones I think of a thick dense cream that when applied leaves a white cast over the skin. I can happily say this is not the case with the Soap and Glory Sunshield Superfluid. Its sooooooo light weight it's unbelievable and was love at first sight from the very first application. Think of a light runny moisturiser and this is what it is, it applies beautifully and doesn't leave any film or white cast over the face.
The fluid has a slight peachy tint to it but nothing that offers any coverage, what's really good though is that it contains 'Insta- Matt' "a micro oil-absorbing powder which helps mattify and even out blotchy skin tone for a beautifully natural transparent finish". Since using this I haven't felt the need to powder throughout the day and agree that it does help mattify the skin by offering a satin/semi matte finish. Please don't think that its super drying though, on occasion I have used this instead of my moisturiser and found is does offer some hydration, obviously drier skin type will need to moisturise but my combination skin found it did a fantastic job.
To be honest I can't say enough good stuff about it, I think its brilliant! Its certainly opened my eyes to using more product from the Soap and Glory skincare line. This gets a major thumbs up from me and I recommend trying it out if you're looking for a new sunscreen to protect your face this summer.
Have you tried this out yet? What's your favourite sunscreen for the face?


  1. i swear by soap and glory products but ive never used this one! i will deffo give it a go though! id love it if youd comment back! xx

    1. It's the first one I've tried and so far I'm impressed! :) xx

  2. Does the protection last all day? I currently use Ultrasun Face 30 anti ageing cream which is a once a day application. It is a wee bit thicker than I would prefer but I use it because I know it lasts until you wash it off. It's not the cheapest (£20.00 for 50ml) but I try and stock up from QVC who sells it in duo's for about £32.00 (I think..) xx

  3. Like most sunscreens it needs to be applied regularly, every 2 hours and when swimming or getting wet. :) The Ultrasun sounds fab as it's once a day but I hate anything heavy on my face. :( xxx

  4. The Ultrasun is brilliant but I know what you mean, it is a thicker texture. Horses for courses, it's good that there are other lighter options available 😃 xx

  5. Sounds brilliant. All I want now is a tinted moisturiser with a high SPF!

  6. I love a bit of Soap & Glory but had no idea they did SPF's! I'm loving the look of this! I have a factor 50 sunscreen from SK:N and it's really thick and heavy :( might need to give this a go xx

    Kate | raspberrycheeks


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