Monday, 19 May 2014

The Face Five Challenge

As any make up junkie will know a TAG that limits you to use 5 and only 5 products is a nightmare. Like many of you reading this I have an abundant supply of make up in my stash, enough to keep me going for a few decades!.. ok slight exaggeration but even still there's loads!

I have Gillian from Purple Gillian to thank for this tag and you can see her video here and find out what products she used.
There rules are as follows..
1. Use Five and only Five products to create a complete makeup look
2. Each different product counts and 1 product (multipurpose products count as 1 product such as Benetint, Bombshell the One Stick, Nars Multiple Stick)
3. No palettes are allowed. No trios, quads or multi-shade palettes
4. Tag Five others to complete the Face Five Challenge
5. Have fun!

Product 1
I can not and I repeat not go without foundation so this is a must for me. My skin isn't perfect so I need something to even it out and create a blank canvas to work on. The foundation I've chosen is Nars Sheer Glow, the coverage is really good meaning I can skip concealer and it delivers a lovely satin finish which makes the skin look healthy with a slight dewy finish so I can skip the highlighting stage too!
Product 2
Like my first step this product is also non negotiable.....eyebrows. I need them, I want them and no make up look is complete with out them in my opinion. I'm using Charcoal Brown from Mac for my brows and I'm also going to use it as a subtle liner on my top lash line to help define them and make them look a little thicker.
Product 3
Mascara. This is a bit of a cheat but I'm including it anyway as I do wear eyelash extensions so don't necessary need to wear it on my top lashes but I definitely need it on my bottom set. The Mascara I'm using is Maybelline's Big Eyes as it really helps to define the bottom lashes without smudging and lasts all day.
Product 4
Contour. Not a must for everyone but I feel my face looks flat without it. I'm using Nars Laguna to define my cheek bones and add colour to my face. I'm also going to use it to define the crease of my eye just to make them stand out a bit more.
Product 5
The last and final product is a multi purpose one and that's in the form of a cream blush which I can use on my cheeks and also on my lips. The blush I have chosen is George from Asda Creme Blush in Coral.* It gives a lovely dewy finish to the cheeks in a pinky coral shade which I love and also works brilliantly on the lips.

That tag wasn't actually too bad after all but I would love to add some concealer and setting powder just to finish the look. I would like to tag these lovely ladies to complete the Face Five Challenge.... 
Vanessa from The Other VW
Rachel from Rantings of Lard
Kate from Sugarfixx Beauty

Also if any of you reading this think you're up for the challenge make sure to tweet me your posts so I can check them out! :)

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  1. You did such a great job, every morning, I've been thinking what am I going to use, I think I've got it down to 6, but I'm still not convinced on 5!! I will do it though, gulp. xxx


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