Friday, 6 June 2014

Seven Things I'm Currently Loving ❤️.... Current beauty favourites, fake tan favourites, cc cream, eyebrow, tv shows, netflix,
I'm not really one to do monthly favourites, I tend to 'stick to what I know' and if I love something I use it all the time, so my monthly favourites would be pretty boring and repetitive if you saw the same thing over and over! lol
Here are my current favourites, things I've been loving for the last couple of months and products I just can't put down...
Rapid Tans
The invention of the rapid/or 1 hour tans has completely changed my life and changed the way I tan. I no longer apply my fake tan at night,  I apply it throughout the day, thus avoiding the brown halo stain my body leaves on my bed sheets ( attractive I know!) These can be worn for as little as 60 minutes to 3/4 hours depending on the depth of colour you want to achieve, I leave mine on for the longest amount of time as I like a deep tan and these two tanners deliver just that, I gorgeous natural looking tan that lasts. The He-shi Rapid 1 hour tan* is in the form of a liquid and the Laurens Way Solution 60* is a mousse, its personal preference to which method you like using the best, but both are fantastic and will change the way you tan forever!
This scrub goes hand in hand with my new tanning regime, it works so well at removing dead skin and the remnants of old tan while leaving my skin feeling silky soft and hydrated, the perfect partner to any tanning routine in my opinion. The salts gently exfoliate and the gorgeous scent that it is infused with remains on the skin well after it has been washed off, making the whole experience very spa like and a real pamper time treat.
Soap and Glory Righteous Butter
This again plays the perfect part in maintaining the life of my tan as well as leaving my skin moisturised and soft. The butter is thick but absorbs into the skin quickly leaving it feeling nourished and smelling gorgeous. The scent lingers on the skin and reminds me very much of the Dior fragrance Miss Dior, its lovely and I think this is gonna be a firm favourite of mine for the months to come.
This was the product I thought I would hate, but in fact fell in love with. The cream feels light on the skin and delivers fantastic coverage to neutralise discolouration and reveal a more even complexion. (You can see the difference it made to the appearance of  my skin here). I think it's the perfect summer time base and I have been using virtually non stop since I got it!
Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde
This was such a long awaited purchase as it was sold out online for ages, so my friend kindly picked this up from America for me. The mousse/gel hybrid is the perfect consistency for creating and craving out the shape of my brows. The formula lasts all days without smudging, perfect for (hopefully) the warmer weather we should be having sometime soon here in England! I just love it and have been using it the most out of all my brow products. You can see my full review and a photo tutorial of how I use it here.

Benefit 'Gimme Brow'
The addition of this product in a favourites post may shock a few of you if you read my review (here). I wasn't blown away by this at all, I found it left my brows looking clumpy and I didn't think it thickened them much and was just a bit of a gimmick.
Lately I've found myself reaching for this almost everyday, first of all it was just to use it up but now I'm using it because I really like the effect it gives. The formula has dried up a lot since I first got it making the gel not as heavy or thick. I've found it tames my brows and adds a certain something that makes them look more polished and "finished", not looking as "liney" as they did in the beginning.
Don't get me wrong, I'm still on the fence when its comes to this and I'm unsure if I would repurchase it in the future as I do still believe its a lot of money for what is fundamentally just a tinted brow gel. I have enjoyed using it though and thought it deserved a mention. 
Orange is the new Black
This is a random favourite but I've been watching it non stop! I normally watch crime based TV shows and had watched all the ones on Netflix (insert sad emoji face here). Being at a lose ends and quite frankly desperate for something to watch and entertain me I decided to give this a go.... Without spoiling the plot for those that haven't seen it already, it's about a women that gets sent to prison 10 years after she committed a crime and tells the story of the people she meets and situations to has to deal with. It's funny, sad, and the lovable characters make it easy to watch and follow. I'm gutted I've finished season 1 but season 2 should be starting anytime soon.....YAY!!!!!!
If you have any recommendation on films and TV shows to watch on Netflix please leave me a comment, I'm always looking out for new things to watch!

What are your favourite products to use at the moment? Have you tried any of these, and are they a favourite or a flop of yours?


  1. Totally agree with you on the favourites thing - mine would be repetitive too!
    Anastasia brow products are so raved about (Cara Delevigne, anyone?) and I have yet to try them!

  2. Love the CC Cream too and also thought I'd hate it! Orange is the New Black is AMAZING can't wait for S2. Just getting into Nashville at the mo

  3. I'm so glad someone has included the GimmeBrow - I love this product but no one else seems to like or give it a chance!! haha!

    I really want to watch OITNB too as everyone seems to be raving about it!!!



I love reading your comments, so please feel free to comment with your views of the products/services mentioned, or if your have any recommendations I would love to hear them. :)