Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The "Pizza Face" Base

For those of us that are not blessed with perfect skin the morning routine of applying our make up can be daunting as well as rewarding. Daunting in the way that we now have to find the products to make our skin look half decent and rewarding because we can finally hide our imperfections, making us more confident and less self aware.

I've mentioned before that me and my skin have had a major full out (big time) and this has meant I've had to change up my foundation routine to combat this. These products and the way I have been applying them have really helped me disguise my flaws and deceive others into thinking my skin is a lot better than what it is.
I normally start off applying a thin layer of CC cream and the one that has really impressed me is the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream. This will offer some coverage as well as neutralising discolouration and redness.
The next step I do is to apply my foundation ( the coverage you opt for will depend on the finish you want to achieve). I tend to go for a medium coverage foundation like Nars Sheer glow that doesn't look too heavy or cakey on the skin and offers a satin finish that looks skin like and more natural. I apply this in a thin layer, but this time concentrating on my problem areas. I start off by stippling the foundation on and then blending it out with a buffing brush to the areas where less coverage is needed.
Once I've applied my foundation I then go in and conceal any areas that still require more coverage. Mac pro long wear is a fantastic concealer, once set it stays in place virtually all day and doesn't look cakey on the skin. Unfortunately the colour I have (NW20) is too light to use on my blemishes so I tend to use it under my eyes to highlight the area and disguise my dark circles. The product I like to use to cover my blemishes is in fact a foundation. Vichy Dermablend is a high coverage foundation with a matte finish that is excellent at covering spots and staying put all day. I use this by "spot concealing" a method used my make up artist Lisa Eldridge. I dab a tiny bit on and blend it out only on the areas that need it and leave the rest of the face free. It can be a little time consuming but really does help the skin look more natural.
When this is all done I set it all in place with a powder, I either use something like Rimmel Stay Matte or if I'm going somewhere important I'll use Mac Studio Fix powder which offers a little more coverage as well as powdering the make up down into a matte finish. Again like the spot concealing I use this on the areas that need it and areas that tend to get oily and have a tendency to break down the make up ( ie the T-zone )

I know it may seem like I'm applying loads of products and you may think it will look cakey and horrible but in fact applying numerous thin layers actually appears more natural as I'm only layering up the areas that need it rather then applying a heavy foundation to my whole face.

What are your favourite products to use to cover acne and blemishes?


  1. I really want to try the CC cream, fab post xx

  2. Fortunately I dont need CC creams as I am not prone to acne or much blemishes :D a dust compact is enough for me :D btw Love your post :D do visit me back :)


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