Friday, 4 July 2014

W7 Full Time Lip Colour put to the test..

W7 Full Time Lip Coloutr in Wicked Full Review and lip swatches
The Brand W7 isn't that well known to me, but when I had the opportunity to try one of their new 'Full Time Lip Colours'* I jumped at the chance. The product claims to last 24 hours, which lets face it is a big statement to make. Was it just a marketing ploy, or will it really live up to the claims? I was prepared to find out! 

The colour I was given is 'Wicked', not a colour I would normally wear, a redy brown, which to me is very old fashioned, but never the less I tried to make it work for me and applied it at 8:30am. 
There are two parts to the lip colour, one end housed the stain (which is matte) and the other, a clear gloss that you apply over the top. On application I noticed how incredibly sticky the "stain" part was. My lips almost stuck together at the start but as the product dried it became less tacky. The gloss on the other hand isn't sticky at all, it applied smoothly and the texture of a lip balm as oppose to a gloss. 
Throughout the day the gloss part faded relatively quickly but the stain part hung around and so did the slight tacky feeling on the lips. If you hate sticky products this may not be for you, but for me personally it didn't really bother me.
If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you would have seen me post pictures throughout the day wearing the 'Full Time Lip Colour' to document the longevity and my initial thoughts, if you missed them here they are....
Top Right and Bottom are Before and After photo's

As you can see from the photo's (sorry about the quality and change in lighting) the colour held up for most of the day. By 5:30 it had started to a crumple and look a little crusty on the lips, but that was after 9 hours wear so I was prepared to let it slide, especially considering most matte lipsticks end up looking this way, regardless of price! By 7:00pm I had to remove the lipstick as I'd finished work for the day and was removing the rest of my make up. At this point the lipstick didn't look very nice and even though it states 24 hours wear I think by 10 hours the lip colour was well and truly past its sell by date and not looking its best! This being said it was only the last hour or so that the pigmentation and lip colour had broken down and prior to that the colour hadn't faded much at all.

In a nut shell, I don't think the lip colour could last 24 hours on my lips, and to be honest I wasn't really expecting it to, and I wasn't really expecting it to last as long as it did either. It's a great long lasting lip colour from such an affordable brand, so I definitely want to try out some different colours from the range. You can pick up the W7 Full Time Lip Colours for £3.19 from Hot Cosmetics.

Have you tried any products fromW7, what did you think to them?
What's your favourite long lasting lipstick?
*Pr Sample


  1. Wow, that is crazy how long it lasted! Great color!

    1. It truely is one of the most long wearing lipsticks I own! xx

  2. You wonder where they come up with these marketing ploys. I don't know anyone who would actually want lipstick on for 24 hours.. but anyhow, pretty impressive that it lasted a good nine hours, I wouldn't expect it to last longer than that anyway :) I love the little time line you put together :D

    Kate |

  3. Love the serious of photos, really shows how it wore. Not bad for the price! I think that's pretty impressive xxx

    1. It's fab especially from a low cost brand! I really wanna try some more colours now! :) Mwah xxx


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