Monday, 29 September 2014

90's trends we don't want back!

So you may be aware of a certain Kardashian that has bought back the whole 90's nude/brown lip craze, if not - where the hell have you been?!
I'm fully aware of the 90's make up trends. I was one of those girls who, when growing up expressed myself in the form of make up.
Back then I thought I looked the bees knees. This certainly was not the case, and even the gorgeous Kylie Jenner who can rock one of the 90's looks would struggle to make these look good!....

The thin eye brows - In the case with eyebrows the thinner the better and this meant almost plucking every last one of them out. From above, from below, until you're left with the thinnest of thinnest brows. And in some cases girls even shaved them off completely! Thank god I wasn't one of them!

The brown and pink frosted lip combo. Ok, this is a look I did rock. I loved using a brown eyeliner to line my lips, but not in a natural way, oh no. This was meant to look drawn on and (back then) complimented the pale frosted pink perfectly. #fail

Rimmel Heather Shimmer/Coffee Shimmer lipstick. These were one of those frosted lipsticks in a brown and purple hue. Every girl and their mum was wearing them when I was at school and the trick was to wear it whether or not it suited you. In fact the more unflattering it was, the better!

The Croydon facelift -I am guilty of this look! You know the one, where you scrape your hair tightly back into a ponytail (normally secured with a scrunchie or bandana), so there's no bump to be seen, and flat enough for a airplane to land on.
This was then was fixed in place with Shock Waves Extreme Hold Gel hair spray, and make sure to put enough on coz that bad boy ain't going anywhere (we are the problem there is a hole in the ozone layer people!) The result of which liked like you'd had an extremely cheap and bad face lift. But to make it look even better, you pull two tiny pieces of hair out at the front, you know to "frame your face" and all that. God I miss that look. *facepalm

What cringe worthy looks do you remember from the 90's? There must be loads!!

Friday, 26 September 2014

Benefit Advent Calendar 2014

Benefit Advent Calendar 2014 sneak peek and contents.
I know what you're thinking, Christmas already!! And yes it is a bit early to be talking about it, but with the sell out of last years Benefit Advent Calendar I thought I'd give you a heads up on the release dates and where to buy it.
From the 16th October the calendar is available to buy online at Benefit and exclusively to Debenhams
The in store release date is the 1st November and the calendars are available from 100 Debenhams stores and Benefit Boutiques nationwide.
The price isn't cheap, £60 no less but you do get 24 mini benefit goodies with the overall value set at £109.53!
You will likely see trial sizes of some of their best sellers all housed in the Candy-Coated Countdown Calendar. If you're like me and slightly impatient you can click here and see a full list of the contents along with photo's. I know not everyone is like me which is why I've created a separate page with the spoiler on not to ruin it for those who have a little restraint! lol

So will you be indulging in the Benefit Advent Calendar this year? 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Best of Summer 2014 - Beauty Edition

Gone are the long hot days and light mornings. The evenings filled with alfresco dining are just a distant memory. Autumn is only a stones throw away, so while we're all looking forward to adorning our UGG boots and dreaming of cosy nights in with mulled wine, lets look back at the past season and see what have been the highlights with all things beauty related..

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream I know I've banged on about this far to many times to mention, but this has been my summer face. The formula is light and the coverage is excellent, it neutralises all redness and gives the skin a lot more even appearance.
Revlon Matte Balms These were my go to lipstick for the best part of the summer. I absolutely loved the colours and the formula was matte without being overly drying like some matte lipsticks can be. My favourite was 'Unapologetic' which is just the perfect bright fuchsia pink.
Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade - this has kept my brows looking their best all day in the heat and sweat. The gel/mousse formula also helped tame any stray hairs and kept them in place.
Laurens Way Solution 60 Rapid Tan* I have worn this nearly every week since the start of summer. The colour is dark (when left on for 4 hours) which I love, and the fact that it takes so quickly means I didn't have to sleep in it -another bonus!
Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow Scrub  I have loved this scrub ever since I got it at the start of summer. Number 1. it smells amazing, which lets face it we all look for in a bath product. And Number 2, it makes my skin feel soft and silky, while not leaving it dry or dehydrated. It scrubs away all the dead skin cells making it perfect as a pre tan prep and also for prolonging the life of a real tan.
Nars Laguna. I won't harp on too much coz we know how good this baby is. I use it to bronze up my skin and add definition by contouring and sculpting my face. It's the perfect shade without being too orange or too muddy looking, and transfers to a satin finish on the skin.
Nspa Eucalyptus and Sea Mineral Body Gel* is this a new discovery and one I wish I'd had it sooner. The light weight gel formula sinks into the skin within seconds leaving a cooling refreshing sensation behind which smells fresh and uplifting.
Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder This has been a god send when the weather was a lot hotter. Normally when the heat turns up my face resembles that of a melting Salvador Dali painting, but this pot of goodness saved me. It mattified and locked my foundation in place, serving me well for the good part of the day.
Soap and Glory Sunshield Superfluid SPF50 Wearing SPF is essential in summer and this one is different to any I have tried before. Forget thick greasy creams, this is thin and lightweight on the skin,  leaving no greasy residue at all. A must for summer and something I'll definitely be using next year.

The Body Shop Pomegranate Refreshing Eye-Roll-On This is a cool and refreshing eye gel that was perfect for reviving those tired eyes, and especially nice in hot weather as the cooling effects were a nice addition to hot mornings and evenings. 
Makeup Geek 'Peach Smoothie' has been an eye shadow which has literally taken over my life. I am now unable to apply eye make up without it - I definitely understand why so many people rave about it, I'm obsessed! It's just the perfect transition colour for any makeup look and goes with every colour imaginable!
La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat. This is the best moisturiser I've tried for oily skin. It helps to keep pores clear and stops unwanted shine peeking though, and is also the perfect base for applying makeup too!
Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt. I know I've only just purchased but there's no way I could do a post without including it! I so wish they had released it earlier because there's no doubt I would have worn it all summer!
Mac Pro-Long Wear Concealer. This is a bit of a boring item but one I have relied on throughout the heat and sweat. The long wearing formula sits nice and evenly under my eye area with minimal creasing and lasts a pretty long time too!
Mario Badescu Drying Cream. You'll probably know if you've read my blog before that I had some trouble with my skin and this little gem helped dry up and reduce the redness of those pesky spots. it true was a life saver
Bobbi Brown Blush in 'Coral'. This has been my most worn blush, and a shade I revert back to time and time again when I don't know which shade to choose. It's one of those colours that's seems to go with everything, and just gives my cheeks a natural flush with a coral hue.
What have been your favourite products this summer?
*Pr Samples. All thoughts are of course my own.

Monday, 22 September 2014

The Transition Nails | Summer - Autumn

Left to Right Nail Inc 'Warwick Street', Orly 'Cupcake', Asda 'Putty Pink', Barry M 'Pomegranate', Joan Collins 'Melanie' and Bourjois 'Bleu Asphalte'.

I know Autumn is nearly upon us but I'm not quite ready to adorn the dark plums and red nails just yet. I feel as if I need a subtle transition into the season - basically I'm not really ready, and want to hold on to summer as much as I can, and these shades are helping me adjust all the more easier.

Nails Inc 'Warwick Street' is a nice shade if you still want to hold on to light colours. The base shade is a muted off white with the addition of fine multi-coloured glitter over the top to make it a bit more seasonal appropriate.
Orly 'Cupcake'  is your typical baby pink but this time it's a little more muted and has a tint of dusky pink to it making it a more wearable Autumn shade.
Asda Gel Pro 'Putty Pink'* is a funny shade. It's not pink, or orange or even brown, but somewhere in between and a mixture of all three. This colour won't be for everyone but I do think it has the 90's Kylie Jenner lip sort of vibe to it.
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine 'Pomegranate' is a gorgeous raspberry red shade that is a nice merge of the two seasons, not pink and not red but sitting perfectly in the middle.
Joan Collins 'Melanie'* is a stunning muted purple which I think is right on the mark for this time of year. The perfect shade to see you from summer to autumn without going too light or too dark.
Bourjois Ultra Shine 'Bleu Asphalte' is a gorgeous dark lavender grey which is great if you fancy wearing a darker shade but don't want to go all out on the blackened reds and plums.

What shades are adorning you nails at the moment? have you gone full blown Autumnal or are you still hanging on to summer?
*Pr Samples. All thoughts are of course my own.

Friday, 19 September 2014

NEW Soap and Glory Archery Brow Pencil

If you read my review of the original Archery Brow Tint and Pencil you will know I was a big fan of the felt tip side. If you're unfamiliar the original Brow Archery - it was a dual ended pencil with one side housing a felt tip and the other a conventional wax pencil.

One aspect the put me off the original was the pencil side,  I found it a little hard to work with. The nib was a little too thick and chunky for my brows (as you can see above are rather thin and sparse).

So when I saw they had released a new brow pencil to run along side its predecessor I was really excited. The nib looked to be a lot thinner, which would in theory make the application a lot easier delivering a perfectly filled-in brow in no time.
The shade I got was Blonde-Shell and it does a good job at matching my colouring as the yellow undertones mean the colour doesn't come off too warm on me, which is always a problem when looking for blonde eyebrow product. The one down side is there are only two shades, this one and a brown (Hot Chocolate), which means anyone not falling in this spectrum is going to struggle to get a good match.
The nib is indeed a lot thinner and can be compared to the Mac Eyebrow pencils and the Anastasia Brow Wiz. It is slightly waxy and the product has a tendency to apply a little patchy at first, but once warmed up with the heat from your body it does a fab job at mimicking fine hairs and filling in sparse areas. I like to use this along side my powder and gel brow products to tidy up the edges as it can be a long process if used alone.

All in all I think Soap and Glory did a good job with this. Many people didn't like the original because of the felt tip end ( I must have been the only one that like it lol) and said it dried out too quickly so if that's the case with you you'll probably get on really well with this!

Have you tried the new Archery yet?

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


If you watch Amelia Liana you'll be aware of the hashtag 'feelingspendy', and that's exactly what happened to me. I went a bit cray cray down the lanes in Brighton and ended up getting a few bits beauty related. Some have been on my wish list for a while and some, well lets just say I got caught up in the moment and went a little mad. Ooops

Mac is where the most damage was done. I should say I feel bad, but I don't as it seems like forever since I was in a Mac store and the whole "kid in a sweet shop" feeling swept over me like a rash, and I ended up tearing round the shop like a crazy person, picking up everything that caught my eye!
The first buy was a repurchase, Mac Pro-Longwear concealer. I was nearing the end of my old one so this really was a necessary purchase, the rest however was not...
Mac Face and Body foundation is a base I have heard so many people talking about and I thought it was about time I tried it for myself. The initial coverage is light but it can be built up, looking very natural and skin like on the face.
Mac Mineralized Skin finish was another product everyone bar me seems to have, so of course I had to rectify that, and that was popped in the basket along with Mac Sheertone Blush in 'Peaches'. Most of you will know I'm rather partial to a coral blush so naturally this was coming home with me!
I then picked up a few new eye shadows, Mac 'Shroom' - a pearlized off white shade that would be perfect for a under brow and inner corner highlight.
Mac 'Club' - this is so unique, in the pan it looks nothing special - a dull greeny brown with a hint of shimmer but when swatched changes dramatically into a brown holographic shade that turns blue and green in the light. Stunning, just stunning.
Mac 'Expensive Pink' - is the very similar in formula to 'club' it looks like a lovely pinky copper in the pan but again when swatched and the light hits it you can see yellow gold holographic reflections in it.
While at the counter waiting to pay I spotted some loose pigments and the two that caught my eye were 'Rose' and 'Blue Brown'. These are very similar to the two eye shadows I bought (Expensive Pink and Club) and will compliment them beautifully. ( I will do swatches and full reviews in my next coming blog posts)
Finally, no Mac shopping spree would feel right without a new lippy so naturally I picked up 'Flamingo' which is, as you can probably guess with my obsession with everything coral is a subtle pinky coral shade which of course I love already (obvs).

Diptyque Shower gel - this was a total impulse purchase, there's no other way to describe it! I was in SpaceNK, wanted a new shower gel and thought " that will do, I like their candles". It's possibly the most I've spent on a shower gel, £26.00 in fact, so I'm hoping to look and smell like a million dollars after using it!
The Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder was something that I've wanted to try and never got round to buying. I haven't really tried it out fully yet but the light reflecting fine powder is designed to brighten and lift the under eye area, so I'm looking forward to seeing if it works and hopefully looking wide eyed and bushy tailed in the process!

This last item was the one I was so excited about, since smelling it from a sample I had I just knew I  had to have it. Jo Malone's lasted release is the Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne which smells apsoultly divine.  It's in the 'woody' scent catorgory but don't let that make you think it's a strong heavy scent because its not. It's fresh and light with an aquatic feel which stems from the sea salt. I truly love this perfume and so glad that it's finally in my hands.

So there's my little haul for you. See anything you like or something you already own? Let me know in the comments below. :)

Monday, 15 September 2014

Kiko Water Eyeshdaow in 205 'Chocolate'

Kiko water eyeshadow in 205 used dry and wet. review

Kiko Water Eyeshadow in 205 'Chocolate' £8.90 Left - used dry. Right - used wet.

I haven't tried any products from Kiko, and as a beauty blogger I see them being talked about a lot - so I was over the moon when my friend bought me back this eye shadow from a recent trip to Spain.
On first inspection the colour and textured swirl pattern look beautiful ( FYI I was a bad blogger and used this before photographing, please don't judge! lol). In the pan the colour looks like a rich bronze with warm red and gold undertones. It really is the sort of shade I love and I did resist temptation to touch to for a long time (obviously not long enough in my case).
The eye shadow can be worn wet or dry and gives off a different finish in both cases, either subtle or more intense which you can see from photos above, worked out well.
When I applied it dry I found the shadow a little patchy to work with but it did blended easily once applied. When used wet the colour was much more intense (which you would expect) and applied a lot easier in my opinion. You received the full impact of the pigmentation and it delivered a very striking effect.
One thing I would say is the colour was different from the pan. On the eye the shade was of a blackened brown with just a hint of the coppery sheen, which is fine in itself but I was a little disappointed as I really loved the look of the pan shade. That being said the colour is perfect for creating a smokey eye and can be done so used alone, with just the addition of one extra shadow to help blend out the seams.
I'm definitely interested in trying out more products from Kiko and would love to hear your recommendations if you've tried any?

Friday, 12 September 2014

How to look and feel great the Morning After the Night Before!

We've all been there, come on don't be shy, we're all friends here... you've had one too many shots and drunk your body weight in wine the night before. It all seemed like such a good idea at the time and now in the cold light of day maybe that last Sambuca shot wasn't the best idea?!
We look like shit, feel like shit and the worst thing of all is that we can't lay in bed and feel sorry for ourselves, there's things to do and people to see....How the hell do we get back from this?
I've had my fair share of hangovers in the past and I'm sure I've still got some to come, but there are a few things we can do to help us through this troublesome time and I'm going to share some tricks on how to recover from the night before..

First step is to drink water and rehydrate your body. I find using dehydration salts work really well, you know the ones that you use when you've had an up set stomach, yeah them. They are after all designed to rehydrate and we all know the main symptom of a hangover is dehydration! Sports drinks and coconut water will also help restore hydration levels.

Pills. Paracetamol will numb that banging headache you have and if you've been a little slack on the old sleep department some Pro Plus will give that a little energy boost you need (obviously if you're sensitive to caffeine you might want to skip this step!) Too much caffeine can be counterproductive but is great just to give you that push you need to get going, so try limiting to just one or two so you don't dehydrate yourself anymore.

Eat something. Eggs are packed with amino acids and taurine that boosts liver function and can help against liver disease ( good to know if you've had well over your weekly alcohol intake in one evening!) But hold off on the huge fry up. Contrary to popular belief a massive plate of greasy food is not the best hangover cure! It's more likely to play havoc to a already sensitive stomach, and serves a much better purpose if eaten the night before to help slow down the absorption of alcohol into the body.

Wash the pain away! Last nights anatics are all too fresh in your mind and the kebab you devoured at 3am is starting to seep out your pores. Hopefully you've taken off last nights make up but its more than likely you haven't so you need to do some major damage repair.
Give yourself a thorough cleanse, I like to use the Nspa Hot Cloth Polish* which is a great dupe for the Liz Earle Hot Cloth cleanser. It cleanses the skin and gently exfoliates, leaving it looking and feeling more radiant and alive!
I don't know about you but the next day after a night on the sauce all I want is to feel really clean, it's as if I'm combating the dirty sickie feeling inside by washing and scrubbing myself into oblivion.  I like to use some really nice smelling products and normally crack out the pamper treats to try and make myself feel better. Elemis Frangipani Salt Glow is great at scrubbing away all the sweat and fake tan (if you wear it) from the night before and the Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower oils work brilliantly to awaken and revive the skin.

Mask over the signs from the night before. I like to use face masks to give my skin some much needed attention, and if I can I like to use two. First will be a deep cleansing one and the second a hydrating one to plump up my skin and give it more of a healthy appearance - because lets face it I need all the help I can get right now!

De-Puff. A soothing eye cream will really help de-puff those tired eyes and instantly refresh you, my personal favourite is Body Shop Pomegranate Eye Gel which is cooling and does a great job at offering some much needed relief to those eyes that tend to give it all away if we've been on the sauce the night before (and its even better when stored in the fridge!). I know its a cliche but cutting up some cucumber slices will also cool and de-puff the eye area, that is of course if you're save to go near sharp objects?!

Hydrate the skin. Your skin is not going to be your best friend this morning. So don't punish it even more by skipping the moisturiser. Add some much needed hydration to it. For your face try something the Origins GinZing moisturiser which will give your skin the much needed engery boost. For your body you might want to try the Nspa Eucalyptus and Sea Mineral body gel*, this is a great light moisturiser that smells fantastic and offers a slight cooling sensation to the skin, which is again great for giving you that extra refreshing boost.

Hide the tell-tell signs!. By this point you should start to feel more like your old self so the last step is to make us LOOK like our old selves... Step in the magic of Make up.
Normally when I go out I tend to (as my husband calls it) cake myself in makeup, so the next day I'm all about the natural look ( and this helps if you're still not feeling too fresh as its quick and easy to do!) .
Conceal those dark circles with a corrector and highlight the under eyes to give the illusion you've had a good 8 hours sleep. Keep the face fresh and glowing, this will also con others into thinking you're fresh as a daisy and not hanging like hell. Opt for light reflecting bases and dewy foundations to give your skin that much needed glow!
To add colour and life into the skin use blushers and bronzers to liven up the complexion
If you're up for putting on eye shadow opt for colours that will counteract any redness like taupe and cool brown shades. You can also pop on some highlighter in the inner corners, and a flesh toned eyeliner in the water line to make the eyes look bigger and more awake.
When the face is done pop on one of your favourite lipsticks or if you want to keep it natural opt for a tinted lip balm that's going to add s little colour and hydration to the lips.

What are your tops tips for the morning after the night before?
*Pr Samples. All thoughts are of course my own.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Best Blush Shade Ever??

Is this not the best blusher shade ever? I know, bold statement to make and if you're familiar with my blog you will know I have a slight unhealthy obsession with coral ( the shade that is not the marine tree like things lol ). I'm constantly buying more and more items with the same uncanny resemblance - coral lipsticks, coral blushers, and even coral themed clothes - I just can't get enough! 

Liz Earle cream blush on cheeks and lips.

When I first laid my eyes on the Liz Earl cream blush in (you guessed it) 'Coral' it was love at first slight - and this comes from someone that isn't the biggest cream blush fan! (I have nothing against them per se I just tend to gravitate more towards powders).
The shade is that of a rich and rustic peachy coral, which does wonders at brightening up the most dullest of complexions - if you're feeling rough this is the shade you want!. 
It perks up the skin adding a healthy glow to the cheeks and is subtle enough to wear on natural no makeup days as the cream formula looks almost undetectable on the skin. That's not to say it isn't pigmented, the blush can be built up or sheered down depending on the look you require. I like to wear a strong blush and this does the job a treat.
Since getting it I have virtually worn it everyday and the cream-to-powder formula doesn't interfere with my oily skin at all! I've even taken to wearing it on my lips (which its not really designed for, but works) as I really like the Kylie Jenner vibe it gives off. :)
So does this mean I'm a cream blush convert?? It could well be!
*Pr Sample. All thoughts are of course my own.

Monday, 8 September 2014

The Country Candle Company 'Romance' candle.

Just like every beauty blogger out there, my candle collection grows on a weekly basis. I don't know what is it about them but what ever the time of year is I always seem to have one burning in my house.
My most recent love comes from The Country Candle Company* and is their 'Romance' candle. The candle itself is housed in a tin but the same scent can also be bought in jars and even diffusers. It contains floral tones of Rose and Jasmine, sweet tones of Melon, Orange, and Plum - all on a bed of warm ambers and powdery musk. I love musky fragrances and this addition makes the scent a lot more appealing to me. I'm not normally one for heavily flowery or sweet candles as I can find them a little overpowering, but this is just perfect. The scent is very calming and warm, but not overpowering in any way and is a fragrance I love.
The cute polka dot tin offers 30 hours of burn time and has quickly become my bath time candle of choice, as I don't have to worry about it breaking and can pop the lid on to keep it fresh when its not in use.
There's a number of different scents to choose from, ranging from the seaside collection, vintage floral and one that's caught my eye already is the black pomegranate, which sounds right up my street!
Have you tried any candles from The Country Candle Company? Have a peek at their site and let me know which ones you would choose!
*Pr Sample. All thoughts are of course my own.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Nspa | New Bathing Range

Nspa Patchouli and Ylang Ylang Sugar Scrub, and Eucalyptus and Sea Minerals Body gel review

Nspa are back again with some new releases to the bath range exclusively available at Asda. The range is inspired by spa treatments and have been designed with luxurious fragrances and essential oils  to relax, revive and pamper.

The Patchouli and Ylang Ylang Sugar Scrub contains Mango Seed oil and natural sugar to buff away dead skin. This is very similar to the Elemis Salt Glow, but instead of it being encased in oil the Nspa scrub is almost a gel/jelly like consistency containing tiny grains of sugar. These gently exfoliate the dead skin away, leaving it feeling smooth and looking more radiant.
The scent lingers on the skin which is sweet and sensuous, relaxing not only the body but the mind with its captivating aroma. This doesn't deliver the most exfoliation and they suggests you  massage the it onto clean damp skin or ( like me) if you want a deeper exfoliation use it on dry, and gently with circular motions buff the skin away. It's great to use as a pre tan prep to get the skin in tip top condition.

The Eucalyptus and Sea Mineral body gel contains Grapeseed, Rosehip and Jojoba oils to leave the skin feeling smooth, instantly hydrated and comforted. I was expecting this to be a gel as the name suggests but it is in fact a thin cream with a light gel consisitancy, making it feel more like a serum than a mosituriser. The lotion absorbs quickly into the skin leaving a cooling refreshing sensation behind, that hydrates and soothes the skin. The scent is very fresh, and if you're not a huge Eucalyptus fan worry not, as the frangrance is undectable on the skin but you're still left with the cooling benefits and the scent that lingers for a good couple of hours after application. This is great when stored in the fridge for extra relief when the skin needs cooling down.

Have you tried any products from the Nspa range?
*Pr Sample. All thoughts are of course my own.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Spot Free with Face B4? *Beware naked spot face photos enclosed!*

FaceB4 review with before and after photos
FaceB4 Face Wash And Serum * both £14.95 each ( currently on offer for £9.97 each)

I'm sure if you've read my blog before you may know that I've been suffering with my skin for the last 6 months or so and the result has been me turning into what I can only describe as a pre-pubescent teenager! In a quest to find the wonder product that will eradicate pimples and blemishes from my life for good, I've come across a few that do work and help my skin stay a little more on track.
Face B4 is a two step system that uses a dual action cleanser/toner and anti- bacterial serum to help remove impurities, and soothe the skin making it less prone to breakouts and blemishes.
The Anti Bacterial Face Wash* is a cleanser and toner combined which means no other skin cleansing is required after use. The foam texture is so light and delicate on the skin that I found it didn't strip or dry it out, which I sometimes tend to see when using these types of products. It gently and effectively cleanses the skin leaving it feeling clean and soft. The anti-bacterial properties mean that you're almost sterilizing the skin, which prevents dirt and bacteria from causing any spots and blemishes. I liked to leave it sitting on my skin for a few seconds like advised, and found this made a difference. I don't know whether it was in my head but I felt that the foam was really deep cleaning my skin and tackling all those pesky spots.
The Anti Bacterial Serum* has a light creamy texture and offers my skin a great moisture boost. I found I could use this alone without applying any moisturiser over the top, which meant my skincare routine was just down to a few steps (I'm all for quick and easy products to help me save time!), dryer skin types may obviously need extra hydration but I personally found it offered enough for my skin type.

faceB4 review with before and after photos
Top photos show the progress from first using the products to present day (from left to right).

So after using these both for over 6 weeks now can I say they worked? Well, you can see from the pictures that they certainly helped my skin become less congested, but did they stop me getting blemishes at all? No they didn't. But I'm yet to find something non medical that prevents hormonal breakouts!
What these two product did do was keep my skin clearer than it has been in a long time. If I did get a breakout these seemed to heal it a lot quicker then before. I think with a good diet and these playing a part in your skincare routine most people will stand a good chance of a relatively spot free skin, that is until a certain fairy pops up once a month (god damn you hormones!!!).

Have you tried FaceB4? What results have you seen?
*Pr Sample. All thoughts are of course of own

Monday, 1 September 2014

Boring Beauty Staples that we all should own!

Lets talk today about all the beauty items we use on a daily basis that pay a huge part in our routine, but get over looked because they're not glamorous or exciting. I'm talking about the boring staples that we all should have in our bathroom cabinets or lurking at the bottom of our make up bags.

Cotton Buds. These little things are the magic wands of beauty. They're not just there to make sure our ears are perfectly clean but can save the day in many make up fails.
Gone OTT with the liquid or gel liner? Soak these in a tiny bit of make up remover and you can clean up the wing in no time at all. Gone away and forgotten your makeup brushes? This can save the day when it comes to eye makeup - you can apply eye shadows, smudge out eyeliner and tidy up any fall out you might have, and even apply lipstick or clean up any smudges you have.
Tweezers - No one wants stray eyebrow hairs ruining their make up look, and these are an essential make up bag staple of mine. These de-fuzz and also are my work-mans tool when it comes to de-potting eye shadows and opening packaging that gives Fort Knox a run for its money!
Dry Shampoo. You never know when an exciting invitation is going to land at your door step last minute and this is essential for quick spruce ups and giving hair an extra lease of life. If your hair is really fine or flat this can also offer added texture and volume, and is especially great for up do's when the hair requires more grip.
Spot Treatments - Even if you're blessed with perfect skin ( hate you! lol) you never know when one might pay you a visit. Spots treatments can calm down any redness and wave goodbye to the pesky blighters in no time at all, and need a to be in your stash because when a big event is on the horizon chances are you'll get a first from the spot fairy and this will be your saviour!
Mascara. I know its simple and most of us do own, but mascara makes a massive difference to your look and even if you're not a huge make up wearer this is a simple and effective way of making yourself look more put together and polished, even on no make up days!
Flannels. I know, I know its simple yet I don't know what I'd do without them! They clean your face and body and offer a gently exfoliation to the skin which will leave it looking brighter and more even.
Vaseline/Multi Purpose Balm. This has to be one of life's unsung hero's. The multi purpose balm can relieve chapped lips, condition cuticles,  be used when hair colouring and fake tanning to stop staining, and even used on the cheek bones as a subtle highlighter.

What are your Beauty Staples?