Monday, 29 September 2014

90's trends we don't want back!

So you may be aware of a certain Kardashian that has bought back the whole 90's nude/brown lip craze, if not - where the hell have you been?!
I'm fully aware of the 90's make up trends. I was one of those girls who, when growing up expressed myself in the form of make up.
Back then I thought I looked the bees knees. This certainly was not the case, and even the gorgeous Kylie Jenner who can rock one of the 90's looks would struggle to make these look good!....

The thin eye brows - In the case with eyebrows the thinner the better and this meant almost plucking every last one of them out. From above, from below, until you're left with the thinnest of thinnest brows. And in some cases girls even shaved them off completely! Thank god I wasn't one of them!

The brown and pink frosted lip combo. Ok, this is a look I did rock. I loved using a brown eyeliner to line my lips, but not in a natural way, oh no. This was meant to look drawn on and (back then) complimented the pale frosted pink perfectly. #fail

Rimmel Heather Shimmer/Coffee Shimmer lipstick. These were one of those frosted lipsticks in a brown and purple hue. Every girl and their mum was wearing them when I was at school and the trick was to wear it whether or not it suited you. In fact the more unflattering it was, the better!

The Croydon facelift -I am guilty of this look! You know the one, where you scrape your hair tightly back into a ponytail (normally secured with a scrunchie or bandana), so there's no bump to be seen, and flat enough for a airplane to land on.
This was then was fixed in place with Shock Waves Extreme Hold Gel hair spray, and make sure to put enough on coz that bad boy ain't going anywhere (we are the problem there is a hole in the ozone layer people!) The result of which liked like you'd had an extremely cheap and bad face lift. But to make it look even better, you pull two tiny pieces of hair out at the front, you know to "frame your face" and all that. God I miss that look. *facepalm

What cringe worthy looks do you remember from the 90's? There must be loads!!


  1. OOh I have my Croydon Facelift on today with a scrunchie...

  2. I was 100% guilty of the Croydon facelift!!! I also loved the dark lip liner with gloss over the top......eyebrows as thin as possible....silver cream eyeshadow.....pigtails in my hair....I was basically in love with all NO NO trends! haha!


    Em's Mixed Bag.....

  3. Pulled off some killer croydon facelifts in my time!

  4. Those two strands of hair MADE that look! Frosted lippys were amazing too ;) xx

    1. I know! I don't know why they haven't made a come back really? ;p xx


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