Friday, 12 September 2014

How to look and feel great the Morning After the Night Before!

We've all been there, come on don't be shy, we're all friends here... you've had one too many shots and drunk your body weight in wine the night before. It all seemed like such a good idea at the time and now in the cold light of day maybe that last Sambuca shot wasn't the best idea?!
We look like shit, feel like shit and the worst thing of all is that we can't lay in bed and feel sorry for ourselves, there's things to do and people to see....How the hell do we get back from this?
I've had my fair share of hangovers in the past and I'm sure I've still got some to come, but there are a few things we can do to help us through this troublesome time and I'm going to share some tricks on how to recover from the night before..

First step is to drink water and rehydrate your body. I find using dehydration salts work really well, you know the ones that you use when you've had an up set stomach, yeah them. They are after all designed to rehydrate and we all know the main symptom of a hangover is dehydration! Sports drinks and coconut water will also help restore hydration levels.

Pills. Paracetamol will numb that banging headache you have and if you've been a little slack on the old sleep department some Pro Plus will give that a little energy boost you need (obviously if you're sensitive to caffeine you might want to skip this step!) Too much caffeine can be counterproductive but is great just to give you that push you need to get going, so try limiting to just one or two so you don't dehydrate yourself anymore.

Eat something. Eggs are packed with amino acids and taurine that boosts liver function and can help against liver disease ( good to know if you've had well over your weekly alcohol intake in one evening!) But hold off on the huge fry up. Contrary to popular belief a massive plate of greasy food is not the best hangover cure! It's more likely to play havoc to a already sensitive stomach, and serves a much better purpose if eaten the night before to help slow down the absorption of alcohol into the body.

Wash the pain away! Last nights anatics are all too fresh in your mind and the kebab you devoured at 3am is starting to seep out your pores. Hopefully you've taken off last nights make up but its more than likely you haven't so you need to do some major damage repair.
Give yourself a thorough cleanse, I like to use the Nspa Hot Cloth Polish* which is a great dupe for the Liz Earle Hot Cloth cleanser. It cleanses the skin and gently exfoliates, leaving it looking and feeling more radiant and alive!
I don't know about you but the next day after a night on the sauce all I want is to feel really clean, it's as if I'm combating the dirty sickie feeling inside by washing and scrubbing myself into oblivion.  I like to use some really nice smelling products and normally crack out the pamper treats to try and make myself feel better. Elemis Frangipani Salt Glow is great at scrubbing away all the sweat and fake tan (if you wear it) from the night before and the Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower oils work brilliantly to awaken and revive the skin.

Mask over the signs from the night before. I like to use face masks to give my skin some much needed attention, and if I can I like to use two. First will be a deep cleansing one and the second a hydrating one to plump up my skin and give it more of a healthy appearance - because lets face it I need all the help I can get right now!

De-Puff. A soothing eye cream will really help de-puff those tired eyes and instantly refresh you, my personal favourite is Body Shop Pomegranate Eye Gel which is cooling and does a great job at offering some much needed relief to those eyes that tend to give it all away if we've been on the sauce the night before (and its even better when stored in the fridge!). I know its a cliche but cutting up some cucumber slices will also cool and de-puff the eye area, that is of course if you're save to go near sharp objects?!

Hydrate the skin. Your skin is not going to be your best friend this morning. So don't punish it even more by skipping the moisturiser. Add some much needed hydration to it. For your face try something the Origins GinZing moisturiser which will give your skin the much needed engery boost. For your body you might want to try the Nspa Eucalyptus and Sea Mineral body gel*, this is a great light moisturiser that smells fantastic and offers a slight cooling sensation to the skin, which is again great for giving you that extra refreshing boost.

Hide the tell-tell signs!. By this point you should start to feel more like your old self so the last step is to make us LOOK like our old selves... Step in the magic of Make up.
Normally when I go out I tend to (as my husband calls it) cake myself in makeup, so the next day I'm all about the natural look ( and this helps if you're still not feeling too fresh as its quick and easy to do!) .
Conceal those dark circles with a corrector and highlight the under eyes to give the illusion you've had a good 8 hours sleep. Keep the face fresh and glowing, this will also con others into thinking you're fresh as a daisy and not hanging like hell. Opt for light reflecting bases and dewy foundations to give your skin that much needed glow!
To add colour and life into the skin use blushers and bronzers to liven up the complexion
If you're up for putting on eye shadow opt for colours that will counteract any redness like taupe and cool brown shades. You can also pop on some highlighter in the inner corners, and a flesh toned eyeliner in the water line to make the eyes look bigger and more awake.
When the face is done pop on one of your favourite lipsticks or if you want to keep it natural opt for a tinted lip balm that's going to add s little colour and hydration to the lips.

What are your tops tips for the morning after the night before?
*Pr Samples. All thoughts are of course my own.


  1. I always suffer from dull looking skin the morning after a sleep-deprived heavy night out! In the morning, I tend to grab a brightening eye roll-on to reduce the appearance of my puffy eye bags~ my favourite is the garnier one. Concealer is also a definite must have in my makeup regime, I like pairing my collection lasting perfection and the ysl touche eclat.

    Thank you for sharing your great tips, it was lovely to read.
    Hope you have a nice day :) ♥


    X x X x X

    1. Concealer is definitely your best friend the morning after! ;p
      Thank you lovey xx

  2. Water, Coke and Lucozade Sport - The holy trinity of hangover cures!
    Rach xx

    1. Wise words from the drinking queen herself. ;) Mwah xx

  3. I used to always put a face mask on my skin, but I tend to avoid too rough nights these days..
    Min x

  4. Such a fab post, nothing beats a good face mask & full english when you're hungover! I've never heard of that Elemis scrub before but it looks lush!

    Catherine xx

  5. It's fab and smells amazing!! Xx

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