Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Guest Post | Real Women?

Today I have a very special guest post from my dear friend and fellow blogger Rachel. If you've never read her blog Rantings Of Lard I urge you to as I personally think she's hilarious! She basically writes about things that "grind her gears" ( if you're a Family Guy fan you'll get that reference), and today she's talking about body image and what the media expects us women to look like to be considered a "real woman"...
I've got a bit of time off work this week which means inevitably I will have a moment where I get sucked into daytime TV. It happened today and it's got me feeling ranty.
This Morning are running a campaign called Gok's Real Women. The This Morning website says:
"Today we launch our Real Women campaign on This Morning, throughout October we will be showing no models on the show, just real women."
This term "Real Women" really does get on my thrupennies. It appears to have been hijacked in order to shame skinny ladies as some how not being "real". As far as I'm concerned, if you identify as a woman then you're a real woman. It's got absolutely nothing to do with your size and it's certainly not about how you dress.
I'm about a size 22 and my cousin is a size 6. Does that mean that I'm a "Real Woman" and she isn't? Of course it doesn't. We are both women pure and simple, neither of us more so than the other.
One of the models was told today that bigger ladies can "still be beautiful, you've just got to know the tricks".
Now I'm all for body confidence and I'm a bigger lady myself but now according to this campaign I can only be beautiful if I follow the "tricks".
Tricks today included panelling on the the dress because in a lighter tone "there's a tenancy it could make you look a little bit bigger" but if you look at the lines when your buying a dress "if it's nice and slim it's going to be slim on you too".
Thus giving the the impression that if you play by the "rules" you can look slimmer. Just don't wear stripes, show too much arm or leg and carry a nice big handbag to cover up those massive hips!
What a load of cack. I'm sure that at the beginning when they first thought of it, this campaign had good intentions but it has completely conflicting views. 
At the beginning of the segment Amanda Holden (not a fan of her either but that's a whole other post) proudly declares:
"We've banned professional models"
Gok replies:
"Absolutely, we're getting real girls in"
Then within 5 minutes Gok follows this with:
"Fashion is about being inclusive, it's not about excluding anyone"
Unless of course you're a model because apparently they're not "Real Women" and if you are on the lardy side we'll teach you all the "tricks" to make you look slimmer.
Here's an idea This Morning, how about just promoting body confidence whether you're a size 6 or a size 22. How about not playing women off against each other because of your own skewed idea of what constitutes a "Real Woman".
Women are bloody fabulous regardless of their size, how about celebrating that instead?
What are your views on this?
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  1. So they say they're having 'real women' instead of models (who aren't real women?), and then they spend the whole show telling the 'real women' how to look more like models? What a load of cack indeed!

  2. Grrr those terms annoy me! It's like picking someone because they have blue eyes and not green or ginger hair and not black! I'd rather people were chosen because they fit the campaign or they simply stand out x

  3. I just don't get why programmes like This Morning insist on helping us bigger girls look slimmer. Who says we bloody want to?


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