Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Bye Bye Panda Eyes

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara £13.00 from Boots

I feel quite ashamed of myself for not dedicating a post to my beloved Clinique Bottom Lash mascara. I've spoken about it a lot on my blog as a product I would forever repurchase, and even found a good dupe for it, but I never gave it a stand alone post. Until now that is..

Not everyone will suffer from panda eyes on a day to day basis, but I'm sure you all have done at some point in your life. I am someone that has this awful affliction on a daily basis and it's something that I find grates on me. Most mascaras will tend to gravitate to my under eye area and set up camp within a few hours of applying and this is made even worse in hot and humid conditions. I could try and rectify the problem with concealer and such but then I run the risk of 'cake face' if I'm not careful and to be honest, I just don't have time for that s*it!

In comes my holy grail and panda eye defeater Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara. The wand is tiny and something that you would find fitting in an episode of the Borrowers instead of your make up bag, but it's the mini wand that allows me to strategically apply the mascara to just my lashes and not the rest of the skin (or face) around them. The formula is second to none as well. Completely smudge and flake proof and a bit of a bugger to remove, but I forgive it for that. It's the lasting power of this little gem that makes it fantastic at coating and defining each lash perfectly.
My only gripe with it would be that it does tend to dry up quite quickly which is possibly the reason I have about 5 floating around in my makeup stash ( the hoarder in me won't let me throw them away). When it dries up it dries up good and proper which is a shame but then I suppose it is a tiny tube so it's not going to last as long as traditional mascaras is it?
Anyway with that aside. I love this little mascara marvel and if you suffer with the dreaded panda eyes, I think you will too.

Have you used this or found a mascara that works just as well?


  1. I really suffer from panda eyes so this sounds like the perfect solution! Thanks so much for sharing your find,

    Lovely post,

    X Emma |

  2. I have heard and read so much about this, it sounds amazing x

  3. I've just bought this a few days ago.. I hope I love it as much as you xx

    1. I hope so too. Let me know how you get on! :) xxx

  4. I hate when mascara smudges under the eyes. Mine do that all the time, especially in winter, when my eyes tend to get more watery. Will see if I finally give this mascara a try. It sounds like just what I need right now. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

    1. I think it's excellent and never had a problem with it - like I said that why I own 5! lol xx

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