Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Blogging tips | How to get better pictures from your iPhone.

I think there must be an unwritten rule that if you blog you need a fancy dancy camera and state of the art editing soft wear. In an ideal world this would be perfect, but lets face it we don't live in an ideal world and sometimes we just need to make the most of what we've got.

There's only a small percentage of people on the planet without some sort of mobile device and the chances are that most are some sort of smart phone, or more commonly an iPhone. I'm on my phone all day doing various things and most of the time I'm working on my blog with it. I could be taking photo's, editing them, scheduling tweets or uploading Instagram pics, and all with the ease of doing it in one place, which makes using your phone for taking blog pictures handy and incredibly practical.

Taking Photo's
The iPhone camera has come a long way since the first model and even though my pictures aren't the best quality, they're the best I can achieve without an DSLR. If like me you use your phone to take blog pictures it's important to make sure you have enough natural daylight. The darker the picture the more detail you're going to lose. In the winter months you might want to buy a daylight bulb and pop it in a nearby lamp. These give out a cooler light than traditional light bulbs, mimicking natural daylight and can really help your pictures come out sharper, with more detail. If this isn't an option move around your home to find the best lighting possible, even if the area hasn't got a surface near it you an improvise with white card or wrapping paper for the back-drop to your photo.

Once you've got the lighting sorted it's now time to start taking your pictures. Make sure you double tap the screen so a yellow square appears. This will alter the focus and make the object you're capturing sharper and more detailed.
One tool I have found useful for taking photo's is a tripod and macro lens. The tripod makes sure there is no shaking which again makes the picture quality better and the macro lens is great for close up work which can come out blurry when using just the iPhone lens on its own. I reviewed the macro lens here. ( You can also see how different my pictures are now to what they were!)

There are lots of editing apps available to help you make your photos look the best they possibly can.  I use a number of them to achieve different effects and edit the photos just the way I want to. The one i use the most is PS Express, and i use this to change the exposure and contrast, and also use it sharpen the image. There's an in app purchase which allows you to use the 'defog' setting which in all honesty makes the most amount of difference to the picture quality. It removes the fuzz that you can get with the iPhone camera and makes the picture much clearer with added definition. 

L-R Before and After editing.

Since the latest iPhone update you can now do a lot of your editing from the iPhone camera. You can change the size and also the brightness and exposure. When I adjust the exposure i always make sure to change the 'black point' setting as well. This stops all the colours fading, which they will do when you brighten and increase the exposure. When you're adjusting the lighting some colours can be lost, especially black, and his will bring it back and make your photos look more true to life and sharper.

L-R Before and After editing. 

This is a prime example of how using the black point setting in the iPhone camera and the 'defog' setting in PS Express can completely change the photo.

Left - Original photo. Right - Edited photo in PS Express and Facetune.

If I want to create a soft blur I use Facetune on the de-focus setting. This mimics the same results you would get with a more expensive camera by creating the nice soft blurred effect in the background. This app is also good at hiding blemishes and doing simple retouching that you would expect from photo shop.
You can see the difference in the above photos. The picture quality is better, they're brighter, clearer and more visual appealing. Like I said before - editing your pictures in this way is not going to make a DSLR cameras obsolete, but it does mean you can get the most out of your iPhone.

What are your tips and tricks for creating the perfect photo with your iPhone?


  1. Ohh you definately do not need a DSLR~ ^ ^
    I find that my product photos actually turn out brighter and clearer with my iPhone camera than my DSLR nine times out of ten! ^ - ^

    1. Really?! I'm glad I haven't I invested in one then! lol :) xx

  2. They look like they have been taken with a proper camera after the editing... Running to check these apps out now haha

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

  3. OOh some great tips and apps, thanks lovely x

  4. I had no idea you used your phone for your pics - they're great!
    Good little tips there, I'm going to have a play around with my iPhone editing settings now!




  5. So Helpful Lou, I cannot afford a DSLR and my digital camera is good but not this good, x

  6. Aviary is an awesome app for editing, and if you sign up to Adobe all of the filters are free at the moment. I use PicsArt the most though - mainly because I can pull images from my dropbox which is where I store all my DSLR shots too.


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