Monday, 16 February 2015

I've got a case of the Hermes..

Please excuse the title but I coud'nt help myself. I always want to call Hermes herpes, both very different *obvs* lol.
Anyway.....Hermes Eau Des Merveilles is my all time favourite scent and the first high end perfume that I ever really fell for. The scent is unusual and I can imagine not to every ones taste. But I love it.

It's a very peppery musky fragrance that has an air of softness and freshness to it, that hangs around on the skin for hours. It has top notes of Vetiver, Oak and Cedar, and base notes of Lemon, Orange and Pink Pepper. 
If someone is wearing this near to me I can smell it a mile off, and the scent draws me back to the time when I first started wearing it. It's amazing how scents capture memories and this stirs up some great times for me. Maybe that why I love it so much? 

If you like flowery sweet scents then this isn't for you. But if like something that almost verges on masculine which is fresh but also deep and seductive then i think you'll love this! If I had to put it in a fragrance family I would say its sits nicely in between spicy and woody. 

Normally I have to buy it online at House of Fraser but I purchased my latest bottle in Debenhams making it much easier to get -so I know that I'll no longer be without it. If you spot it on your travels, give it a sniff. And if your tastes are similar to mine, you'll love it!


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