Monday, 2 February 2015

Total Minks Lashes

Total Minks Lashes review and photos

Total Minks Lashes - Prickly Minks

Ever since I can remember (well about 5 years to be exact) I have worn false lashes. For a good proportion of that time I had eyelash extensions which are individual lashes glued onto each natural lash to create thickness and length. I loved having these done, they meant I could be up and out the door in next to no time - a major plus point for a new mum at the time.
Last year I decided to have them taken off to give my lashes a break. This was all well and good but I was left with (what I thought) short stubby lashes! Of course my lashes had always looked this way, but I'd been so used to seeing them full and long that it was a total shock to the system. I immediately went out and bought some false lashes to curb my lash withdrawal and since then have enjoyed playing around with different styles and makes.
I recently ventured down the mink lash route to see if they were worthy of the £24.99 price tag. They are made from cruelty free mink fur which gives them a super soft and fluttery appearance. Of course they are many different styles to choose from ranging from natural to more dramatic. I opted for something in between 'The Prickly Minks'.
What warrants their  hefty price tag (apart from being mink) this that they can be worn up to 25 times. This I think stems from the rather thick lash brand which gives them more structure and durability.
The band looks like it would make application more difficult but I in fact found them much easier to apply as they're not flimsy and sit on the lash line with ease. The thicker band also means they keep their shape for longer - I've worn mine 6 times now and they still look as good as the day I got them. They feel comfortable on the eyes and feel so light that I almost forget I'm wearing them! I found that even these semi dramatic ones I have look natural on, and the individual tapered hairs give a beautiful fluttery appearance.  
If you're an avid lash wearer I can definitely recommend giving Mink lashes a go. The initial pay out is worth it in the long run as I find that with cheaper lashes ( that still coat £5+ each) only last 3-4 uses before they look liked they've been chewed by a dog!
What are your favourite lashes to wear? Have used tried Mink ones before?


  1. Have always worn Mac lashes but like you sat after three or four wears there as ratty as a weasels bum.
    I might try these xxx

  2. Gorgeous lashes, but i don't think i would be willing to give up 24 pounds on them though :(

    1. They are more expensive than regular lashes but i think they're worth it, especially if like me you wear lashes every day, and go through them like i do! ;P
      I understand they're not in everyones budget though. x

  3. I've heard of the wonders of mink eyelashes.
    They look so lovely and natural on you. I get that the price is a bit steep but I think the quality reflects the price.
    I've been looking into 'velour lashes' but I might have to browse at these lashes too!

    Great review, have a lovely day ♥

    Ying | * Y i n g c b e a u t y *

    X x X x X

  4. wow really going to need to buy some mink lashes now!


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