Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Spring Vibes | Neom Reed Diffuser in Happiness

Neom Reed Diffuser in Happiness

Neom Reed Diffuser in Happiness £20.00*

The season is definitely seeing a change now - the mornings are lighter and the evenings longer. With this addition many of us feel the urge for a spring clean. To throw out the old and refresh our homes to reveal a new and up lifting environment for us to live in. An easy way of doing this without getting your hands dirty is to inject fragrance into your home, this can be done with fresh seasonal flowers or for an option that lasts longer  - some scented reeds.

These reeds from Neom Organics in Happiness are ideal. They infuse the room with essences of White Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon, which instantly injects life and a spring awaking into the home.

I've tried many reed diffusers in the past and found that the initial scent is detectable but after a few days the fragrance fades and becomes unnoticeable. The Neom Reed Diffuser is different. It fills the room within minutes of placing the reeds in the diffuser, the scent lingers and more importantly lasts! It filled the room with a subtle backdrop that is sweet and clean, masking cooking smells and leaving you feeling lifted and relaxed.

The pure essential oils are designed to change moods by filling the air with natural goodness. The scent you require is all down to your personal needs - 'Happiness' has definitely helped me these last few days with some unexpected worry and anxiety. Obviously these oils won't solve problems but what they do do is relax and clear the mind so you're at your best to deal with life's troubles.

Have you tried any products from Neom?

*Pr Sample. All thoughts are of course my own.


  1. I love me a good diffuser, this one sounds lovely :) x
    Ally |

  2. Love the packaging so much :) the scent sounds lovely

  3. I love a reed Diffuser I normal get yankee ones but may have to try this one now x

  4. I really like the neom diffusers but found they hardly lasted a month! I've been using a Jo Malone one I got at Christmas and it's lasted really well. x


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