Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Fathers Day with WoodWatches

woodwatches - delmar blue

Father's Day presents have to be one of the hardest gifts to buy. Men aren't generally known for their love of flowers or little trinkets like women, which makes the task of present shopping tedious and hard.

If they have a hobby or interest the assignment of operation "Father's Day" is made easier, but for those of us where this doesn't apply the mission can lead to a dead end.

That's where WoodWatches* come in.These unique and stylish watches are different from any other of the market. Using 100% natural wood to craft watches which stand out from the crowd, making the wearer look individual and chic in their unique time piece - how many people do you know that have their watch made out of wood?

The Delmar Men's Watch* in blue is not only stylish but incredibly comfortable to wear. Being made from 100% wood you'd expect the watch to be heavy and difficult to adorn but it is in fact light on the waist making it great for everyday use.

The double locking closing clasp is easy to open and seals the watch firmly on the waist without the fear of it opening when worn, and the blue muilti-tonal face with abstract design complements the dark wood surroundings perfectly.

All the wood used is recycled which makes these watches eco-friendly as well as stylish, and presented beautifully in a wooden gift box, making it the perfect gift for someone, and ideal for Fathers Day!

Unique Watch
What do you think to these unique watches? Will it be on your shopping list this Fathers Day?

*PR Sample. All thoughts are of course my own.


  1. Love this watch. I think the wood is an amazing alternative!

    M xx

    CSI Blog

  2. The more I see these watches, the more I love them x

  3. I would love to receive this on father's day. It's so unique! Richard Butler Creagh

  4. There won’t be anything more that is going to define your personality than the watch you’ll be wearing. Curren Watches are all about speaking loud and clear about the wearer’s personality


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